Egyptian Chronicles: Egyptian X-Files : After the fall of Babel

Friday, July 11, 2008

Egyptian X-Files : After the fall of Babel

It has been a very long time since I wrote anything about Ashraf Marwan and his enigmatic case, which officially became an original Egyptian X-file. Lots of things happened since last time I wrote about Marwan whether directly or indirectly, but do not be surprised I kept journal with the important events that took place all that time.

The media machine of his son Gamal is doing a great job in keeping the thing alive in the media. Of course they did not mention but from couple of months on the relatively new private owned Libyan funded “Al Saa “{the hour} channel a special TV documentary series was aired about the enigmatic murder of Marwan. The TV documentary was presented and edited by Amr El-Lathy, the multi talented official media TV presenter. Amr is the son of Mamdouh and the nephew of the famous producer Gamal El-Lathy, who was an icon in the 1960s. It was obvious that the Marwans produced that interesting TV series, from filming in UK and meeting with eyes witnesses, the conclusion beside that Marwan was killed is that the Mossad killed him.

Still this TV documentary showed us interesting facts like that fancy 6 figure building in UK has not got 24/7 alerted security as it should be , the crew went to Marwan’s apartment without any question , well may be the security were informed before or may be there is no one in the building needed to be guarded anymore.

I will go back to the TV show again because there are certain things were revealed that need more space

Mona Abd El-Nasser is staying in Egypt now; she is appearing in her black outfits in social and life style magazines, along with her sister, the last time I read her name in the newspaper was that she was suing her 21 years Egyptian maid for stealing her jewelry in the crime page!!

Ahmed Marwan seemed to be okay, despite all what is said about him. He appeared last month on the national TV’s popular news talk show “Speak” with TV hostess Lamis El-Hadidi, he defended his father from treason and said that he was 100% murdered “we are all sure about that”.

Gamal Marwan is still in the spot light, already Naguib Sawiris gave up his rights in the debts Marwan owed to him, they were millions, and he gave up his rights after the intervention of the presidency and the death of Ashraf Marwan. In the last half of the year Marwan made it to the tabloids, it was neither about his father nor his silly provocative channels but it was about his problems with pop singer and Composer Amr Mustafa. It is a silly matter, a producer argues with a pop singer because of exclusivity. I think it got out of hand when Mustafa said that Marwan was threatening to kill him.

The official comment on the allegations of espionage till this moment has not been announced by the ministry of National security or the General intelligence. And here I mean an official direct statement, not attending funerals and saying too board statements are conclusive when we speak about treason charges. Nor the current controlled media is conclusive to say its word in such case.

The case of Marwan will be closed as an X-File if we have one final answer that Marwan was a double agent working for Egypt in clear words.

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