Friday, July 11, 2008

Leave our pharaoh alone

You may read that Egypt officially and unofficially angry from the Iranians. The conservative Iranian parties are insisting to insult Egypt and its people. The so-called Committee for commemoration of Martyrs of global Islamic Movement produced a documentary from about year called “The execution of a Pharaoh”. The Pharaoh here is not Moses’ but He is late  President Mohammed Anwar El-Sadat of Egypt.

The film praises and glorifies the assassination of President Sadat and those who did it ,describing it as a divine operation.

The film was screened in some festival held by that committee in Tehran last week and since then it caused anger in Egypt.

As usual lady Ruqaya  El-Sadat is defending her brother legacy along with her bold cousin MP Talaat El-Sadat , Jihan El-Sadat and her clan seemed to be absent from the scene , seriously as if that man were not her husband , that lady from Egypt with my all respect is not a shy person ,every now and then she speaks in the media causing controversy for her memories as a first lady. I am tough on her 1_79_1154_42 because she is not defending her husband as it should be. Even his sister Journalist/Writer Skina El-Sadat attacked the film in TV “In the photo”.

Cousins Ruqaya and Talaat are going to sue that committee for this insult.

At last thank God an official response came as it should , in fact it came three times ,once in a press conference attended by the FM and the second the objection of the parliament .

which is more powerful from diplomatic point view as the Egypt had called the Iran's envoy  officially to protest against the Screening of the documentary.

The envoy in his turn tried to save the day but in vain

It does not represent the the official point of view , it is an independent work , Sadat was a hero

He said so ,but again it was too late.

I do not think that it is independent , after all there is a powerful censorship in Iran. Also if you remember there was a square in Tehran that used to be named after “Khaled Islamboly” ; the man who killed President Sadat. As far as I know as a gesture to come closer to Egypt during President Khatami era , the name of the square was changed to another one.

Just little nice information ,I think some of Khaled Islamboly family members used to live in Iran.

To tell you the truth ,I do not know why those conservative parties killin1 interfere in other countries’ internal issues. This is an internal issue of Egypt. The assassination of her President is a 100% Egyptian matter. If they want to discuss it then they should discuss it in a neutral honest way to present as an act of cowards against the teachings of Islam. Already It is against Islam to show a corpse of dead man naked , yes as I read in the news report they used the infamous leaked photo published from 3 years ago in Egypt in the documentary.

Already as far as I read the film hosts Iranian national security experts who only read about the incident from their resources and show the sad film of the last October military Parade Egypt would witness. Those experts do not have any clue about the incident , which is the holy grail of Egyptian X-Files in my humble point of view. Those experts forgot to read the reports and books saying that the Islamic group was used as a pawn in the assassination of President Sadat in order to put an end to an era. They do not know or ignore that the one who funded the group turned to be a Palestinian working for the Mossad according to the investigation of  Hassan Abu Pasha “late interior ministry”. The so-called experts do not know that Islamboly and his co. managed to go in and do what they had done because of larger conspiracy, Talaat El-Sadat paid the price of just hunting to it.

Time will tell , seriously , Because from the Name of God is justice. Some day the whole truth about the Sadat assassination will be revealed to the entire world and I do not know that what this committee will feel about. 

This is not a perfect time for such insults , Iran needs Egypt in its side and the Egyptian people regardless of their current leadership will not accept this repeated insults. Polls always show that President Sadat is still popular. I do not know how they feel in Iran if we produce a similar documentary about our friend the Shah ,well probably nothing.

I know that those people do not represent the majority from the Iranian population ,judging from the Iranian blogs there are generations who are refusing these old thoughts of exporting the Iranian revolution altogether. but unfortnately those generations do not rule Iran.

By the way I have a silly Question , All this hate to President Sadat from the Iranian side because officially he signed a Peace treaty with the Israelis , ok what about Syria and its indirect negotiations with the Israelis ?? And Hezbollah’s indirect negotiations with the Israelis ??

By the way here are some nice photos from the time when an Egyptian girl ruled Iran as an Empress and she was the most beautiful and classy Empress that ruled Iran till the revolution.



  1. Most beautiful and classy, because she was an Egyptian royalty.

  2. no,
    the iranian feelings towards sadate was because of hosting (shah) in Egypt after the islamic revolution .
    but there is no excuse to produce this movie
    on the other-hand , there was in tehran times web site, issue about the movie , the foreign ministry said that the movie doesn't represent the official stance !
    I hope to response in a classy way , not in the same way with the movie " Imam of the Blood" !!!
    thx for this article :)

  3. @AbdelRahman, first you welcome
    second the Shah died from more than 20 years ago , the new generations of Iran whom I met online do not know about him or care much about him.
    The film considered Sadat as a traitor and deserved to die for his peace agreement with Israel , Khaled Al-Islamaboly killed for this not for hosting the Shah.
    I know about the official statement of Iran but do not forget there is huge censorship in Tehran ,Cinema is not that free and the production company as far as I understand is too close to the conservative ruling parties there.
    I agree with you that the response should be in a classy way not in the Imam of Blood , it is so ridiculous ,I believe the lawsuit of the Sadats is enough

  4. Sadat was a great leader whether they make movies on him or not. His position in the Egyptian history is very clear.

  5. @anonymous,Yes he was but we need to let the world know this too my dear friend


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