Monday, July 7, 2008

In Vain

L.E 57 Millions are the price of one single promotional campaign for one purpose.

L.E 57 Millions are paid to clear one man’s name from accusation , are paid to make people love him , despite the fact that the people still hate him.

L.E 57 millions were paid by a single man , they make you wonder how much already he owns in the banks !!??

This big sum of money was paid by Ahmed Ezz in order to clear his name from all the charges against , and oh God they are so many.

From destroying the Political life in Egypt to destroying the economic life in Egypt and as a result destroying the social life in Egypt.

He is no one other than the infamous Ahmed Ezz “Not I am not speaking about handsome Ahmed Ezz , the movie star who should Change his name but I am speaking about Chucky , shorty Ahmed Ezz”

The second man in the NDP after Gamal Mubarak , yes Gamal is the 77667452 first not his old father in the party and Ahmed Ezz comes after him. Ahmed Ezz is a very close friend to Gamal and some reports says that he calls Mubarak SR "Uncle" {Does he call Susan auntie ??}.

Ezz in the last five years became one of the most influential men in Egypt , he is leading the new guards that removed the old guards from the NDP and he is controlling the Parliament through one look to his NDP sheep fellow members “I swear it happened in the monopoly law discussion session,when the NDP members objected the amendments  by rising their hands,he looked to them in one look , and then all hands went down !! “.

It is not about his political career but about being a businessman profiting from his political influence. Ezz before befriending GM was a successful man who owned Ezz Steel and Gemma Ceramics , but somehow his greed began to explode when he joined the NDP and began to explore the wealth he could gain more and more from 022422008 politics.

For those who don’t know Ezz is the first producer for Steel in Egypt. He bought Al-Dakhalia Steel factory from the Government in a price less than his original price , then he started dirty games of monopoly in the market , well not actually monopoly because there are other players in the Egyptian market but of course Ezz wants to  be the sole player .

Without  further details Ezz has created one of Egypt’s worst economic situations in the last 10 years , the Steel Crisis. He made the Steel prices goes up madly making it hard for everybody , the contractors raised their prices , the cement prices also went up , it is like a domino effect. Of course it came at the same time of the new wave of escalating prices ,so you can imagine how terrible it was.

Ezz was attacked widely in the independent and opposition newspapers . Already beside his friendship with the Mubaraks and his controversial marriage from Shahinaz Al Nagger , he is constantly criticised in all independent newspapers on a daily basis.During all that time Ezz seemed to be silent  and that made people  more angrier.

He did not give a damn for the people’s anger , it showed that the man is too arrogant and he is.But in the end as politician ,it was bad for him and the party not to mention his buddy Gamal. Gamal is now in a very critical position. His friend is under fire and people are so pissed of him and his friend.

And so to absorb people’s anger ,Ezz began to launch a huge PR campaigning to clear his name from all the charges against him , Ezz Steel Ad -Al Ahram from ads to press releases to interviews in the last couple of weeks. He lowered the prices of his steel in the market “Already his steel does not exist anymore in the market,it vanished”, still the people are not convinced.

He said that the he would donate to supply the public youth housing project with Steel for free , again the young men refused his offer and wanted to have their future houses to be built by the bearing wall system.

He made interviews in the newspapers like Al Masry Al Youm ,still it did not convince the people.

He made an exclusive long interview with Mona El-Shazely “A Whole episode” ,also he did not convince the people , in fact he received angry calls from the viewers who were just two steps away from calling him names.

In the end of the day it turned out that Ezz paid L.E 57 Million for this campaign which is  still going on.

but the L.E 57 Million he paid went in vain , the people still hate Ezz him and can’t stand him nor his buddy.

I think he reached to the point that he does not understand why people really hate him, he reached to the point that he began to think that people can be fooled with his ads and interviews like in the elections. He does not believe in this people as a real smart people of the valley of the Nile.

It is a political suicide to think in this way .

I have the feeling that Ahmed Ezz is going to be burned so soon , he is too consumed after all he went in the politics sky so fast too high and this can break his nick.


  1. I've seen the commercials for Ezz Steel. Kind of reminds me of the character Adel Imam played in the movie Morgan Ahmed Morgan. Rich dude with no concept of what is going on around him.

  2. Come Morgan was an ignorant street wise man ,but Ezz is too smart and wicked plus short. He has a concept and a vision for sure , he knows what is going on . Look what he had done in the last three years.


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