Monday, September 29, 2008

Our men

I do not know if anyone of them will ever read this but thank you for bringing joy,faith and hope to people who are really missing a lot these days,thank you for standing up as usual as expected when it needed.

Egyptian special forces officers

You are for sure from the best Soldiers in the world.

Thank you again

An Egyptian Citizen


  1. الصورة دي لازم وحتما وباذن الله بكره اجيبها بحجمها الكامل عشان تفضل صورة للذكرى..

    الناس دول ملوا يومنا كله النهارده، انا شخصيا لم اهتم سوى لصورهم وما اوجدته ف النفس من احساس متجدد بعظمة هذه البلاد ورجالها، كلام كتير زي اللي قلتيه

    بجد ربنا يحفظهم وكل اللي زيهم

  2. more about hoax you refused to publish


  3. @محمد
    و الله و انا كمان يا محمد قعدت ادور على صورتهم لغاية ما لاقتها

    @Hany , I do not refuse to publish anything and I already tickle that hoax as you call it ,hoax or not they are still our men we depend upon


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