Friday, September 5, 2008

what about Ezz??

The Rumours that Mohamed Alabbar of Emaar is behind  the arrest of Hisham Talaat Mustafa and that the murder of Susan Tamim was the way the Dubai Tycoon used to get rid from his Egyptian Competitor are finding their way across the Internet.

This rumour was enforced by Hisham’s brother Tarek statements to the media that his brother is innocent and that all this is a set up.

If we are going to take their path and we consider Tarek’s statement as a fact then why we are all talking about Alabbar and forget that from two months ago there was an ongoing war between Ahmed Ezz and Hisham Talaat Mustafa.

Hisham Talaat Mustafa was from the people who were badly hurt because of the steel crisis thanks to Ahmed Ezz’s monopoly to the level that he as the chairman of the contractors chamber applied  a complain on behalf of the chamber to the minister of the commerce Rashid and talked to the media attacking Ezz , check my archive.

We are all forgetting that evil Chucky can get rid of his enemies so easily, still I do not know, the money transfer to Al-Sokary bank account in France was from Mustafa’s bank account !!

Also Egypt was not going to cooperate easily if it were not for the Dubai pressure not to mention the media campaign launched for  clearing his name in the official media from Press to newspapers !!

By the way Mustafa was stripped of his legal immunity as a member of Shura council and this is how he was arrested , I do not know when Safwat El-Sherif , the speaker of the lower house “Shura Council” stripped him from the immunity. Already the council is in vacation , still I understand that according to the law the speaker of the lower house can act and take this decision in case of necessity.

Yesterday I heard a rumour that Habib Adly had heard and read the investigations with Al-Sokary himself to be ensured from the accusation.

El-Sokary is a police officer by the way.

I want to clarify something ,the name of Naguib Sawiris was mentioned in the case and of course you know how attractive Naguib to the media. Look it turned out that El-Sokary used to work in the security of Naguib’s mobile phone company in Iraq before selling it to Zain ,El-Sokary helped Sawiris in saving an Egyptian engineer who was kidnapped in Iraq , if you remember they used to kidnap our engineers there for ransoms and this is the main reason why Sawiris left Iraq for good.El-Sokary is reported to take L.E half million in that saving operation.Why El-Sokary left Naguib , well this is quite story and I think it gives a glimpse to his character. It turned out that El-Sokary liked this profitable game and agreed with some Iraqi gang to Kidnap the Egyptian engineers and he would handle the negotiation …50/50 game !

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