Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Sarah with love !!

Here is Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in front of the RNC convention. She paid back to Obama after all that attack on her experience in a woman way.

First here is the video , it is long somehow but it is worth to watch this republican circus.

Now here are my remarks about this speech :

  • Again this woman has got more charisma than McCain , she is speaking as if she was chosen for President not for Vice President.
  • She is a good speaker in her way.
  • The Cameras in the RNC were concentrating mainly on ladies.
  • Sarah’s description to her family as a typical one with Ups and Downs with an excellent way to handle all that buzz about her family.
  • She is targeting a new segment in this election , the special needs kids families ,it is a niche segment with no power but it can bring more votes  outside the Republican Base.
  • She is targeting the small towns and cities again and again, using the attack on her experience.
  • She is attacking Obama in a very bold way since the beginning.
  • She is so proud of her 19 years old son going to Iraq and so happy that he is going to fight for nothing ,I do not know what her feelings will be if her 19 years old son returns back home in his coffin and when after several years she sits down and rethinks whether it is worth or not !?
  • The same old ill talk of terrorist countries “Dear Syria” and bad nuke Iran !!
  • She spoke about the Victory in Iraq that is coming so near , what victory in Iraq this woman is speaking about !!??
  • Energy Independence is a good slogan but does this mean that the American army will empty its army bases in the Persian Gulf for good and leave the Middle East for , because she is speaking as if the rich Arab oil gulf states were controlling America !!??
  • She demonstrated that she understands in foreign policies ,of course according to the Republican standards.

I am waiting for the debates because for sure we will be there.

Look for sure her speech was a strong one and she revived somehow this old spirit of the Republicans with her energy , an energy she is wasting I am afraid. I am not surprised that the Republicans are so happy with that speech, she was their Obama ,she should take McCain’s place or may be they know that she will !!??

Look I do not have anything against her except that I do not like her policies towards our region, the middle East



    All candidates who are running for president will have the same point of view towards our region. It is simply because our leaders don’t stand up for their countries and their people. Therefore, no one from these candidates will give a damn about us. We really have to be strong first, then, we will have them think of us before saying one word.
    As an Egyptian-American, I won’t vote for McCain – Palin because they don’t have any new ideas about our (USA) economy. The education cost is very high so is the health care. Taxes are soaring. Our foreign policy are fu---d up. The unemployment rates is the highest ever.

    There are millions of Arab – Muslim people here in the States, but none of them vote. They don’t even register to vote. And that is another reason, why the candidates don’t acknowledge their existence!

    Regards from New York
    Keep writing 

  2. @رأفتلوجيا
    first of all please do not vote republican at all and this is for all Egyptians,Arabs and Muslims
    and yes it is because of our weakness , whoever comes in the office ,he knows that he or she has to order and we will obey !!
    those millions of Arabs and Muslims in the America should register and form some kind of a voting power , it is time that they form a lobby , I will not speak about the Jewish lobby but look to the Greek,Chinese and even Armenian lobbies

  3. So much international attention. The world is truly watching and we are not exhibiting the characteristic of a country known as the leader of the free world. What happened to America


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