Monday, October 20, 2008

Kolena Laila:Poor Egyptian sad Laila

I heard this stupid silly joke about the Egyptian woman that forced me to write down this post.This joke by the way is popular through SMS.

It is as follows

The Muslim Man has the right to marry four woman .

One Lebanese Woman to lover him.

One Syrian Woman to cook for him .

One Philippine Woman to serve him.

And one grumpy Egyptian Woman to make his night and the other three women’s night dull and sad “Nakad !!??”

Believe me some people laughed including women I know despite its insulting humiliating nature !!

It is based upon the sick perceptions of an Egyptian Arabian man who considered the Lebanese woman is beautiful body ,the Syrian Woman thanks to her native Cuisine  is excellent cook and the Philippine is the maid !!

Completely racism that degrades women to the lowest degree,you may laugh for one second but if you think from another second you will see how it is humiliating !!

And Now to the Egyptian Woman who is specialized in drama and agony.

I do not know why the Egyptian man does not  stop thinking for one second that his woman is the source of agony in the world and that he is a hero that he can live with her.

With my all respect you want to know who is the Egyptian woman , I will tell you who is the Egyptian Woman , she is the woman chosen by God to carry the Child that would start a race in the desert ,she was a strong enough to be left alone with a child in the desert ,she is the mother of the Arabs if you forget.

My dear Egyptian Man , the woman that you make jokes about is your mother,sister and daughter .

I won’t say that she is your wife because it seems that it is hell for some Egyptians to marry an Egyptian woman !!

My dear Egyptian Man , I am not your enemy , I am your natural half that you can’t live without.


  1. Dear Zeinobia, believe me it's insulting to the Lebanese, Syrian and the Philippine women as much as it's insulting to the Egyptian woman.

    I've always hated these sexist jokes!!

  2. @nights , I know dear it is very disgusting ,racist full of stupid perceptions :(
    what is sad that many people laugh about it , they think it is funny ,it is wrong they should not laugh :(

  3. Zeinobia - it's just a joke ...
    men "DO" make fun of their wives allover the world - not only Egyptians ...

    & btw, women are used to make fun of their husbands too :)

  4. Zeinobia, keep up the good work!
    Just wanted to suggest this blog, I think you might like it:
    It's the blog of two 82-year old women from the US! Pretty cool!

  5. @Geddo Iskandar, but this is not racist joke an insult to other nationalities
    please tell one single joke of a woman making fun from her husband in Egypt !!

    @anonymous, thanks ,mashallah 82 years old ,it is great thanks for sharing
    check out Mrs.Cloud blog ,she is 74 years old too
    I really respect those ladies

  6. lol - fyh walahy bas kol ely gaay f baly now nokat 3ieb tet2al :D
    law 3amalty post tes2aly el so2al da 7atla2y 100 nokta ...
    ana ba7awel bas 2alataf el gaw - dont take it serious :)

  7. Egyptian women are beautiful, caring, loving, and loyal. I would marry an Egyptian woman if opportunity airse in the future.

  8. You go girl! tell them about it! I don't belong to any of the groups except that I am a woman and I am insulted! Describing women as whores, cooks, maids and shrews isn't funny. I notice that friend or companion was left out completely! Guys like that deserve a miserable life, but sadly there will likely be a woman suffering with him.

  9. Despite being Mexican, I agree with the indignation of Egyptian women, for me are a great example and should not be subjected to mockery of anyone.

  10. @Geddo Iskander , you know I think I will write a post about those jokes you are saying and you will saying how many they are and how many they are insulting comparing to the jokes about the Egyptian women

    @anonymous , thanks dear ,believe you will never regret if you do it and marry an Egyptian woman :)

    @Candide, for sure it is insulting to all women , we are just like objects and yes always women suffer with those kinds of men and it is not only in Egypt but in all over the world

    @ Mexican anonymous ,mucho gracias what it is worse that it comes from the men of your country
    I do not know why they do not see the Egyptian women as great example as the rest of the world


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