Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something wrong in the ecosystem of that area

For two week now there is a strange phenomena happening in the Marsa Matrouh and the North coast to be exactly at Salloum .Last week the  fishermen and the people suddenly found hundreds of White grouper fish dead on the beach. According to the locals and the fishermen the dead grouper weight reached to 10 KG and that fish of that weight does not go near to the beach in the first place. Of course the army general governor whom I know that for sure he was bad in science and that's why he ended at the faculty of war with my all respect to its graduate has denied the incident despite the photographs and the fact that the Marine studies institute in the Alexandria that follows the University of Alexandria decided to search that strange alarming phenomena.
For sure it is alarming and disturbing and you do not need to hold a PHD in science to know that there was something wrong in the Sea. There are rumors that there are nuclear wastes in the sea , of course the officials denied that despite they did not investigate officially.
It did not stop at here because in the same area another strange phenomena happened but no paid attention to.
I read in some newspaper last week also that there were jelly fish also dead on the beach.
Do we need to see half of the marine life of the Mediterranean dead on the beaches of Matrouh so we would know there is something wrong our territorial waters.
For your information the planned Egyptian Nuclear station will be built in the north coast at Dabaa also on the Mediterranean,I think before we pay millions so we can kick Iran’s ass in the nuke race we should see what it is going on.
Already I am so angry because the sea and the beaches at Matrouh are the best across Egypt , they are my favorites, I can’t tolerate any pollution in this clean area.


  1. Thank you for reporting, I am soo sad too, I love so much the area and if the problem is a nuclear test, I have doubt we can go anymore to swim there ...
    But how we can know the truth? We must go to the beach with a geiger counter?

  2. The good news according to the experts is that there are no nuclear wastes in the area ,another kind of wastes they did not specify !!??


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