Friday, October 31, 2008

The Sweet or bitter November

The world is watching November with great interest ,I do not need to say that the reason is the American elections , the most interesting and followed American elections in the world as I recall.
In Egypt we are just like the rest of the world but added to it we got in November two major events : The NDP conference on the 1th of November tomorrow that can determine the scenario of the future of Egypt in the same way the American elections will determine the future of American and partially the world on the 4th of November.
Many are expecting that there will be a ministerial change in Egypt that will include the Prime Minister himself.
Ahmed Nazif is being attacked widely in the Media that Mahmoud Saad on the National TV itself called for his resignation !!
To be honest I fear the sweet November for it is going to bring , I am afraid from the so-called surprises of that NDP Conference.

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