Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Follow Up: Media escalation and useless visit in Sinai

The Committee of National Security in the people's assembly aka our parliament has finished its investigating visit to North Sinai in order to know what is going on there.
The Committee returned back with recommendations to the government. Most if not all the recommendations are in the sake of the government.Some of these recommendations you may think that they are great , well they are great if you do not know what is actually going on there.

The committee came back to say that
  • The tribes got tons of weapons including rockets !!
  • The tribes clash with the police to cover their smuggling activity !!
  • Smuggling threats the national security !!
In the end the police is innocent and the government is innocent !!

Judge Yourself :
  • More security forces on the borders and in North Sinai.
  • The disarmament of the tribes.
 In other words more clashes with the tribes.
I had faith in this visit because the members seemed to be really concerned ,they visited the victims families and listened to the Chiefs of the tribes ,this is what I read.

One more thing the Interior ministry denied dumping sorry burying the dead bodies of the Bedouin citizens in the garbage dump in the desert.
I do not like this at all , I do not like this tune. The government is insisting to attack the tribes and escalate that hateful tune in its official media ; for instance the headlines of Al Gomhouria newspaper today !!
Dr.Nabil Farouk,the famous writer and novelist specialized in espionage wrote today a wonderful piece in Weekly Al Dostor , he said what I have been saying here , enough of the stupid police mentally in Sinai !!
Any person who really cares about this country and its unity , who really understands our position and our nationality security will say that escalation is not in our sake.

Let's be frank does Mubarak want to have a civil or shall I say want Israel to get back in Sinai or what !!?? 

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