Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The First Saudi Underground Ladies Rock Group

Thanks to NY article I have known the Accolade . The first Saudi rock all girls group that released its first single Pinocchio. To be honest I was surprised ,I think this is the first Saudi Rock group ever , the hip hop and Rap are much popular than rock as I know in KSA. Also I thought they would sing in Arabic, some of the rock bands in Egypt do sing in Arabic.

Anyhow good luck to them,hopefully no one would harm them insh Allah.


  1. Zein, They are def the first Female Saudi rock band with an online release atm. But there are many other groups before them in the Rock scene. It stretches back to 20 years. You can check The most prominant groups are death metal and grung, but alternative rock and gothic rock bands like Accolade are rare. I can say Most of Us, Outlive, The AccoLade and Final Serenade. The Accolade are new to the scene in terms of releases, they currently lag behind the others in their technical skills, but the lead vocalist makes up for such gap with her voice. I think she is currently the best vocalist in the scene followed up by Hasan Hatrash (Most of Us) then Final Serenade and outlive.. A lot of the other bands have screamers which is associated with death and metal but doesn't appeal to everyone like mentioned vocalists. There is also a joint Saudi artists project, those guys have really sick composing skills with high quality recording. I think some of their tracks has death metal shouting.. but not all.

    Anyways glad to stumble into your blog, I hope to have the chance to visit again. I hope I find the time to discuss many things, I know my egyption brothers have many problems with us Saudis, to some we are loved and hated at the same time. The Saudis might think people attack them out of envy or spite.. but if you look into it from another person side of the story.. you will realize that you as a Saudi are not an Angel. We don't see what problems we cause to others because we think we live in a utopia and the world is gonna spiral to hell if we the Saudís were not there. There is so much to talk about and so little time. See you soon.


  2. @DW,first of all welcome to my blog , I am really happy with your visit and with the information you shared it with us
    It is sad that we do not know all this information , I think those girls were very lucky to find coverage for New York times.I agree that their vocalist is wonderful I like her voice.
    My dear the death metal screamers are everywhere we got our share from them.
    About our Egyptian-saudi Relations ,I wish all Saudis are like you , sometimes I feel this goes to our political systems that create hate between each other for instance Morocco and Algeria, Syria and Lebanon
    Thank you so much your comment means so much to me


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