Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More about the export ban

This is the best news I have heard from awhile. The judicial administrative court has ban the exports of Egypt to Israel as you have already known.

Ambassador Ibrahim Youssery whom I had a little chat with here in the Egyptian Chronicles really made it along with other public figures like MP Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat JR “The nephew of President Sadat and the Brother of Talaat Al-Sadat”. I really want to read the official reaction especially in the cheap official tabloid Rosa Al Youssef Daily who mocked the ambassador and his supporters from the bloggers and the facebookers. “This is a new term I used to describe the members of the facebook in Egypt ;)”

Economically the Egyptian government made a huge mistake when it signed the agreement to export natural gas to Israel through Hussein Salem’s EMG Co.

It is unacceptable to waste your natural gas for price less than the average price now especially prices are escalating and we are entering an energy crisis era.

It is unacceptable to export your natural gas to Israel without the approval of the people represented in the Parliament.

It is unacceptable to export natural gas to Israel when the people in Gaza got no fuel.

Now here is what judicial administrative has said :

  • The oil ministry has broken the constitution and law with its agreement in 2005 to export natural gas to Israel for 20 years.
  • According to article no. 123 in the Egyptian constitution “ The natural resources are considered a very valuable resources to be owned by the coming generations not only for the current generations and thus the administrative authorities before the exploit  of these natural resources should go to the parliament to be grant the permission” :)

Now the regime could not dare and go to the parliament to get an approval because it knows very well the people would refuse it totally.

There are questions in my mind at the current moment :

  • Will the honourable government respect the order of the court as they used to preach us in the last couple days regarding the media block out in the H.T.M trial !!??
  • Will the honourable government freeze the export to Israel now ??

Now here is the situation in Israel ; According to Haatrez :

The Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure expressed Israel's confidence that the political agreement between the countries' governments will remain in force in keeping with the memorandum of understanding the two countries signed in 2005 !!

Here is a photo from 2005 the man who killed our POWs shaking hands with the man who wasted our Oil and gas resources.

our POW Murderer with our gas waster

I also will quote their closing line :

The court's ruling is subject to appeal in a higher administrative court and the Egyptian government sometimes ignores court rulings it does not like.

Will the Egyptian government ignore it ?? In fact my dear reader I will leave it to you in a new poll ;)

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