Thursday, November 13, 2008


I love Disney’s Pixar , I love it eve more than DreamWorks', I do not know why but I do.

Pixar has a Cartoon blockbuster called Wall-E , the SCI-Fi future cartoon about a robotic love in time there will be no humans


Anyhow Pixar released with this film another short film to be screened before Wall-E in the cinemas and this is short film is hilarious wonderful one. This short called Presto.

Presto is a famous talented magician.


His apprentice is a fuzzy cute bunny called Alex.


The problem is that Presto only thinks about himself not about Alex too.

Look I will leave with a sneak preview of the film ,it is not complete one I am afraid  and it is not HD either :(

I saw the HD version and it was fantastic already People I searched for months to find it again , the Pixar guys took down the HD versions online ,which are so beautiful. I have an HD version on my PC but it is so big and will take age to upload it.

Already I am big fan with Pixar short films .I already got most of them in my PC and I want a fuzzy bunny.

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