Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 5 terrorist siblings

The spokesperson of the IDF appeared on Al Jazeera from two days ago saying that the IDF was targeting only the buildings that contained Hamas elements including the civilian houses and he gave an ultimate saying that any civilian house hosted Hamas elements,it would be a target for the IDF.

He was right in his ultimate because IDF managed to bomb a house yesterday early morning where 5 dangerous Hamas terrorists who did not understand that enough is enough were sleeping !!

Here are the 5 terrorist siblings from the Balousha family “I am not sorry for posting such terrible photos because this is what is happening there in Gaza and it is my role to deliver the truth to the world”

4 girls and a little boy from the ages of 4 years old to 16 years were killed because they were Hamas terrorists and enough is enough !! Another sister and little brother “in the picture above” survived the attack by miracle !!

Look to this young boy do you think one day will he be convinced with fancy Peace talk and already his northern neighbour had murdered his siblings who used to play with him.

Another cell of Hamas terrorist was eliminated successfully and the people of south Israel can sleep peacefully now.


My heart goes to every Palestinian Mother that lost her kid in this war , also my heart goes to the Egyptian mother who lost her son ,Major Yasser in this war.

Up till now the civilians are the victims in this attack.

I want to say something to the Israelis

Do not expect the parents and siblings of those children to love you and wish to live beside you in Peace. They will fight and even if they are not from Hamas , they will join it or even form a new one.

War brings War and Eye for an Eye , you know this better.


  1. here is a slide show of what is really going on


  2. thanks for sharing anonymous


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