Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do not Forget the Inner Front

Guys I found this news and I thought I would share it with you.I do not know if you read my post about Nasr 128 car discontinuation or not. There is action in the Nasr Car factory at Helwan Governorate.The government wants to downsize the factory in order to privatize it but the workers are refusing. The government wants to  force 2000 to accept the early pension but they are refusing.

I am afraid that they need the support of the labour unions and the activists in their quest just like the textile workers.

Needless to say there is even more action in Mahla that needed to be followed.

Guys please do not forget our inner front , because if we strengthen our inner front ,we will be able to protect our external front.


  1. Dear Zenobia,
    Can you please post a link that verifies this information. Maybe an article in Al-Ahram or something. I'm using this information in research, however, i need a more credible source than a blog, with all due respect.


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