Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Abu Mazan’s speech

Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazan has just finished his speech in TV 84130302 and Mubarak’s speech was better than him 10 times ; I am just saying !! I can’t believe how lame he was. He spoke for 10 minutes and I did not get what he wants to say really !!

There is a change in the tune , he is no longer attacking Hamas , the full responsibility is the responsibility of Israel “Just like Mubarak”

He sends his respect to the Arab countries and what they are doing especially Egypt , the big sister Egypt.

Abu Mazan gave this speech nine days before the end of his days as the President of Palestinian authority.

Abu Mazan just like Mubarak said that he gave his speech in the 44th anniversary of establishing Fatah !! It was something silly because everyone knows the current situation in Gaza demands speech !!


  1. I though Abu The Farm is the lamest and dumbest speaker in the entire world. Was Abu Mazen even dumber?!

  2. yeah he was even dumber and more boring


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