Saturday, December 13, 2008

Al-Alousi’s 2009 Predictions

Insh Allah all them will be wrong

Iraqi Thabat Al-Alousi is known in the Arab world as famous astrologer living in London. He is from the rare astrologers whose ads are A Crystal ball !! published in weekly and monthly pan Arabic life style and entertainment magazines. “I remember his image used to freak me out in Al Mawed when I was young girl”

Needless to say that the man is big liar and crock still unfortunately some people in the Arab world paid millions to him, for instance the Sultan of Oman ,this ruler whom we rarely hear anything about paid for his medical treatment in UCLA lately !! I do not know about the charity policy of the Sultan and yes Al-Alousi is a human in the end but what about those people in the Arab world from Gaza to Somalia to Darfur who need that care for real. Al-Alousi is not poor ,this guy made a fortune from his fraud. Anyhow Al-Alousi knew how to thank the Sultan !!! “No comment

Anyhow to things that matter the Egyptian Chronicler and her readers , the 2009 predictions of Al-Alousi , his predictions about the rulers of the Arab world whom he all respects and feels that they are great. I will not comment on the nonsense he wrote in his pathetic magazine but I have to comment on the nonsense he wrote about Mubarak !! It is comic.

President Mubarak is the 4th Pyramid !! The sprits of the ancient Egyptians are protecting Mubarak because he took care of Egypt’s Ancient history and revived heritage !! He built industrial and construction projects more than any era preceded him and ….Gamal Mubarak will rule after his father ,of course after long time !!!

If you know Arabic and you want to laugh then Click here !!

You know now more than ever I believe that GM will not rule insh Allah !!

“The astrologers lie even if they are correct

Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”

BY the way annually according to the research and social studies center in Egypt Egyptians spend millions on astrologers .I swear if they save those millions and spend them on things that matter ,they would not complain. It is not the low uneducated classes I am afraid ,I met people with PHDs from France and Germany who believe in those stuff !! People ignore that this is very big sin to go to those crocks to know their future and ask them for magic spells . Of course if we spend millions ,in the Gulf Arab countries they spent trillions of dollars not even local currency and I also saw it by my own eyes , spending millions on magicians and astrologers from Africa and Asia. It is sad and pathetic.

I think it is about faith in the end of the day.


  1. Mr. Al-Alousi lived before in germany - and he still advertise also in germany, he could be who makes you win lottery etc...
    Unfortunately i am one of the people who trust him - because ist looks like ancient babylon magic... - but there is no positive result, is there somebody else with such experience about mr. al-alousi?

  2. Mr. Al-Alousi lived before in germany - and i am used to be a client of him. He still promises big wins and other positive changings in live, if using him and his magick, but it shows no results to me, until today.
    Is there somebody else with similiar experience?
    You can call me stupid, but it looks like ancient babylon magic to me before...not like the usual liars of fortune tellers, witches and magicians...
    About his prophecys....i still remember he told us the iraq will ruled until today by Mr. Hussein, later by one of his sons..100% wrong Mr. Al-Alousi - also its a shame, what happen nowadays in the iraq, he should see it before, if he is the king of all magicians...

  3. @Stefan , dear Stefan why do not believe this guy ?? he is using this Babylon magic trick to deceive people like you and others in the West and East ,convincing them he is better than others with this magic but it is not a magic my dear friend , he is more like a wise crock who can cheat others' using different techniques that can convince anyone
    You saw that his prophecies all turned wrong .

  4. Dear Zeinobia, it was my searching for "miracles"...we are living in modern times, but we still want see miracles...but you`re right, Al-Alousi is no way to it..
    But some basics he use are true?
    There is a talisman made from paper and candle-wax, with arabic arabic friend told me years ago its "authentic"?

  5. @Stefan, my dear friend this talisman is a part of his game especially with its candle wax and Arabic signs ,for western like you or even an Arab it can be authentic
    Already how did your friend know it was authentic even if he was an Arab ??
    Those people know exactly how to enter your brain and convince you with their mind games

  6. Sorry for some delay dear Zeinobia! Its some years ago, i went to still to school, and my school-friend was from arabia=told me such a talisman she wants to get, but dont know how to get it...
    I have another idea about Mr. Alousi, i think he uses authentic basics - but it never will show the results he promises -it should be seen only as a talisman - another time he send me a talisman "the eye of horus" - of course an old protection sign from egypt (right?),
    but i should better buy it for a small prize on my own...
    Now do you know storys about "victims" of Alousi strikes back, like want some money back?
    Another strange thing = he promise already to read his online magazine is a talisman - but this is a step to high - only holy writings can have a good influence - not of a usual man, also he is a "magician".

  7. something else, who knows al alousi?

  8. Mafi A7ad ye3rif sayid Al-alousi?

  9. u all dnt have idea about anything!!!!!!he is very good person and he knows what he is doing!!! U ARE ALL JEALOUS!!!! THATS SAD!!!!!!!!He helps lot of people and me as well and i will never tolerate all this stupid things like above!!!! dnt judge people by apperance but by his Heart.MANY PEOPLE BELIVE AND LOVE HIM SO STOP PLAY UR STUPID GAME.

    1. I knew Thabit very well he didn't have any powers. He was just deceiving people and taking their money. Unfortunately no one got any results except losing their money.


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