Sunday, January 18, 2009


To tell you the truth I wish that this could be a mistake and Halima would be alive in Gaza some where and there is some sort of misunderstanding. This is originally from Ahmed Abdel Fatah blog,He received an email with the following details.

This beautiful little girl is Palestinian Halima ,these photos were taken in Cairo last year 2008 when she came with her family , her brother was being treated in some Egyptian hospital.

Halima in Cairo

And now these were the last photos taken for Halima in Gaza 2009.

Yes Halima could be from the early victims of the IDF unknown weapons in Gaza , she may have earned her world fame in this terrible photo shoot.The world did not know her as the smiling beautiful merry Halima but rather …remaining of Halima, what can I say !!?? The photos can speak more than I do

The problem is that if she were not Halima whom I do not know personally ,she could be another little girl who once smiled like any kid in front of the camera and made faces in front of the camera.

I know that I posted the photo above in the early days of the attack on Gaza ,there was another terrible photo for her you can find in the Gaza death slide show.

P.S I used “is” above because Halima is martyr and in Islam martyrs are not dead ,they are alive ,I know that she is now living in real peace.

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