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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Myths about Gaza and Egypt

There are some Myths promoted about Gaza from the regime side about about Egypt from the the team that hates Egypt for no real reason except that She is EGYPT !! I think it is our duty to show the myth from the reality

Myth#1 :

  • The Palestinians will invade Sinai if we open the crossings.

With my all respect this an insult to us our mind because simply we won’t open the crossings without security forces. We do not need Fatah or the EU to be there when we open the crossing,we only need enough security forces to control the crossings and the movement through it.Ask for an immediate UN forces in 48 hours to monitor the movement. It is in your hand.

Already Khalid Mashal made it clear on the 2nd of January in his speech that the Palestinians omit the emigration option since 1967. Guys please remember not all the sector will come to your country as a refugees , they have a life there not to mention the city is facing a huge bombard , Israel targets any living moving object, so the chance someone from the north of the sector for instance tries to reach the Egyptian borders is so small.

  • But Clashes can happen and the Palestinians can kill another officer.

It is true and it is expected but if you put an order from the first day and conditions that no arms are allowed to enter and you make it clear for the leaders of Hamas and other militias that you will close the crossing if anything like that happens , they will listen because they do not have any other option. At least you did what you suppose to do.

  • This will create another refugee problems and we are back to the starting point ,they want to inhabit Sinai.

First of all make it clear to the UN and the New Administration of the United of America aka Obama that this is not an option , Egypt totally refuses it and any move towards it , the United States would lose its biggest alley in the region. DO NOT Forget You are Egypt and You have to act according to this. You got too much power you do not know its limit up till now because in the last 26 years you were a follower.

Force the Arab League and the Palestinian militias to sign a treaty that identity the borders of the Palestinian territories according to Security Council resolutions and any other substitute territories whether in Egypt or Jordan is out of question. Any violation to this treaty will be like a declaration of war from the Palestinian team that leads this move towards the target country whether Egypt or Jordan.


  • Hamas did not let the patients in the first two days to go through the Rafah crossing to get the treatment they deserve.

As if it were by the wish of Hamas , there is a continuously bombing by the IAF in the city , do you know how it is hard to move from one point to another when you know there is a huge attack on your city !!

Myth#3 :

  • This is an Iranian plan to control the region.

For God Sake  put a side Iran and ask ourselves why on the first place Iran came in to the region , despite it is part of the region whether we like it or not. Iran won a place when Egypt and Saudi Arabia took the American side leaving Syria and Hezbollah facing the Israeli murder machine. It is not about the blood of late Hariri ,I am afraid . Mubarak in the first year after the Hariri assassination did not give a damn and stood with Syria , in fact I remember that his media used to attack the 14th of March team !!??

If you want to restore your position in the region then you must respect the well of the people of the region. Do not follow the American and the Israeli well blindly only to reserve your chair , the people is the only way to reserve your chair not America or Israel.


  • Hamas is blamed for such attack !!

Hamas is not responsible for the murder of such children on a daily basis , it is Israel that is insisting the use of absolute power against weak people who suffer from a long cruel siege. Hamas signed a truce but Israel from time provoked them from supporting the siege and from  killing their leaders. It is as if the Gazans are being punished for Choosing Hamas as elected government !! This shows you the double standards of this world calling for democracy and fighting corruption in the rest of the world where as it supports dictatorship and corruption !!


  • The Arab countries want us to go in to war against Israel where they are spectators !!??

For God sake no one called for a fight between us and Israel, no body asked us to fight its own war , not this one nor in Lebanon 2006 ,so please stop spreading this myth.

  • Hassan Nasrallah called for a revolution in Egypt

No he did not call for a revolution and he made it clear in his word. He did not call for chaos in Egypt. He spoke to the Egyptian people just like he used to speak to his own Lebanese people. The army there is not holy as the Egyptian army.


  • Egypt knew in advance the timing and the size of the attack.

I do not think that Mubarak regime is crazy enough to know and accept  the timing and size of the attack because simply they know in advance the hell they will face which they are already facing if they agree on such attack

They knew that Israel was planning for attack , in fact all the world knew thanks to the statements of the Israeli leaders. Egypt tried to calm things down with a new round of negotiations between Fatah and Hamas but it was late Israel launched its attack.

I do not know the Egyptian officials start to stop blaming Hamas and blame Israel instead of putting them in the suspicion zone.

  • Egypt killed Arafat !!??

Now this is a silly myth. The Mossad is behind the poisoning of Arafat and I am afraid Egypt has nothing to do it , the one that collaborated with the Mossad was his own men in Fatah.

  • Omar Soliman told the Israeli official “Get rid from Mashal’s gang”

I have my doubts regarding this statement ,this can’t come from a man like Soliman whose men are received by the Hamas men in a way the Fatah men wish to be received with.

Please read this column by Dawood El-Sharian in Al Hayat from couple of days,

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  1. Your comment saying that we would put out an order for NO WEAPONS to come in from Gaza when we let them in is almost comical!! Do you think those Hamas Idiots follow rules, or know anything about Humanity? I as an Egyptian do not want one of those Hamas jerks to enter my country, they are dangerous and have no regard for life, be it their own or anyone elses!

    If they cared about their people they would hand over the border crossings, plain and simple, but NO they dont' care because they have SIYASIT EL MOOT (death doctorine) for them Death is great...we guess what, i'm Egyptian and i don't support their stupid mottos, look at what they have caused to happen to Gaza, YES I DO PUT PART OF THE BLAME ON THEM!


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