Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up :Gaza under the Fire as usual and the Arabic street is angry as usual

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Follow Up :Gaza under the Fire as usual and the Arabic street is angry as usual


It is the seventh day of the war Israel launched on Gaza and its people. It is not war against Hamas I am afraid , not all the houses and buildings Israel destroy in this war are for Hamas.

The numbers of dead and injured from both sides reached to this day :

From the Palestinian side :

  • Death toll : 430
  • Injured toll : 2100

From the Israeli side “

  • Death toll : 3
  • Injured toll : 24


84157757 Despite their horror these two shots are artistic

  • The anger from Egypt is still there ,protests in front of our embassies are still there. In Beirut the army is used to stop the protesters from Lebanese and Palestinians. In London they burned the photo of Mubarak and stained the walls of the Egyptian Embassy with Red paint !! George Galloway was there by the way.
  • Another reason why I like Rafael Nadal
  • There were huge protests downtown Cairo today that was cracked by the security forces as usual. The security closed the doors of a Mosque called “El-Fatah” at Ramses because it knew that the protests would start from there. About 100 person were arrested today in the protests from different political parties and movements including journalists who went to cover the big event.
  • There was a huge protest as expected inside Al Azhar Mosque after the Friday Prayer in Cairo.
  • There was a huge protest surprisingly in Al Arish after the prayer too and it seems that also security cracked.
  • Here are some photos from 31st December protest in Downtown Cairo from Mostafa
  • Samir Kuntar appeared on Al-Manar where he said that70 million Egyptians are submissive to their traitor regime “ok but it is unfair to down this regime for Gaza only , it is dictatorship regime . Kuntar will be attacked in our regime and I expect that he will be called the terrorist, he took off that military suit by the way ”
  • Nasrallah spoke again today but with less tone against the Egyptian regime calling for more protests
  • Khaled Mashal spoke today on Al Jazeera ,it was noticeable that the tone against Egypt is less tense. Yet he fired back at Mubarak and his regime  by the following :

1// Regarding the crossing , Hamas does not want a full opening to the crossing but at least to open it more to allow more aids

2//from a year ago Hamas proposed a suggestion to found a Quadra-committee consisting from the EU, Egypt , the Palestinian authority represented by Fatah and Hamas , for some unknown reason this suggestion was rejected “do not ask me why because I do not know it sounds logic and realistic !”

3// No fear from a Palestinian mass emigration, the Palestinians do not leave their land anymore after 1948 and 1967 , they learnt  lesson well , so no fear for this , they no longer consider the emigration as option but rather the resistance is their only option.

Here is that part in video :

  • I am afraid I can’t cover the whole situation as it should because I having my own trouble with my ISP
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  1. Hello Queen Zeinobia,
    I hope the trouble with your ISP is just technical and not political...

    The following related to Palestine and Gaza might be of interest:
    "Statement by Prof. Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories"

    By the way I really cannot understand the real reason of our Pharaoh's behaviour or his Foreign minister’s in relation to Gaza; are they so afraid of zipi the mossad agent?

    But I suppose if bush is afraid of the zionist colony and if obama and clinton have to kneel in front of the zionist alter and if the EU Council of ministers all have to do as the zionist lobby tells them, then what can we expect from our Pharaoh Karabom. He has to think of his dynasty…. If the situation erupts in Egypt then all bets are off and then little Karabom might have to use the yacht the Mahroosah that one of our previous Pharaohs used in 1952.

  2. the photos of the victims is very disgusting, why don't you people show respect to dead people?

  3. An Egyptian,

    Just typing your name hurts me! If it wasn't for the killers, those photos of killed people wouldn't exist!

    All the excuses by Zionists and the agents who defend them is disgusting, why don't you people show respect and stop killing innocents!

    و بعدين انت عميل و بتدافع عن اسرائيل، بالذمة انت مش مكسوف من نفسك؟

    !!! ونعم الجدعنة و الوطنية بجد

  4. Defending israel never mean Iam an agent or then defending Gaza will mean you are an agent, because nor Gaza or Israel are Egypt, am i right?

    You are free to defend gaza and iam free to defend Israel.

  5. An Egyptian,

    You are free to defend Israel, and I am free to call you out on it!

    At least I have a good reason to defend the Palestinian people who die on a ratio of 140:1. On the other hand, I am sure that you defend Israel for all the wrong reasons. I do not want to turn this into a religion debate, but I think we both understand each other!!!!

    اوع تكون فاكر ان الصهاينة هم اللي هيحلوا مشاكل الاقباط في مصر؟ يبقى بتحلم. ما هو ده اللي هم عاوزينو اصلا..ان البلد ماشاكلها ما تتحلش والمصريين ما يبطلوش حقد على بعض

    روح روح يا رب تتحرقو كلكم.. الكنيسة بتعتك و الاخوان الزفت و اسرائيل في يوم واحد

  6. I agree on every word spoken Banoota, and unfortunately my computer does not write Arabic
    Does not believe that the Zionists who are solving the problems of the Copts in Egypt? You are dreaming. That is what they want already .. that does not solve the problems of the country and stop the Egyptians to hate themselves

    Go, go, O Lord, to burn every one of you .. Your church and the Muslim Brotherhood, pollutants and Israel in one day


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