Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama big moment

And the big moment came today and Barack Hussein Obama became official the 44th President of the United States and the 1st African American President also.

I watched the inaugural ceremony from the beginning up till the speech , the very important speech and there are some remarks I believe I should share it with you:

  • Bill Clinton was not happy , it was obvious in his face and in his 84375152 smile , I do not know what he was thinking but he should not forget that his wife is again in the picture. If You watched the CNN ,you would know what I mean. They aired the moments of the VIP arrival from inside.
  • Bush the 1st was not received warmly as Jimmy Carter ,it seems that people came to realize that this is this G.W Bush father !!?? He looked so old by the way.
  • Cheney … I do not know what to say about this man whom I hate so 84372562much . I should not say anything as a Muslim but how many people were killed in Iraq because of him and the rest of the Neocon gang
  • Bush the2nd well it was obvious in his face , he was sad and keeping it inside , I feel that when he reaches his new home in Taxes , he will close the door behind him and starts to cry like a little girl “They do not love me like him, they hate me so much…….grrrrrrrrrrr
  • Aretha Franklin’s hat was so ugly but she is the Queen of Soul , we should not speak about her.Already I believe that was the biggest RESPECT for her and her history in music. 84371742
  • Maya Angelou I think was the one who should have read the poem in this celebration, I know she is old ‘80 years old’ but I watched for her an interview after the elections and she was fine and happy  with Obama.

Now to the main star of the day whose his news was much more interesting than the dull depressing Arab summit in Kuwait.

  • Obama was walking so confident ,I do not know why I have the feeling that he was hiding inside him a big joyful victorious smile.
  • I did not like the moment when the announcer said : Barack H. Obama not Barack Hussein Obama as he called the others with their middle names !!
  • Well his father name was mentioned later.
  • President Obama inaugural speech was strong and powerful , he did not read from a paper. “You can read it here
  • He covered several points , of course he talked about the 84376254 challenges he and his cabinet will face especially the economy.
  • The message he sent to the Islamic world was a smart move , also the message to the poor countries.
  • He spoke indirectly about Iran I believe in the nuclear part ,another smart move to generalize in his speech.
  • WE will leave Iraq to its people “ I hope he will be true and a man of his word and the Americans would leave Iraq for its people.
  • He spoke also about the Afghanistan ,another good remark.
  • He ignored completely the Peace in the Middle East , I do not know what to say about this part.

I watched the inaugural speech with my family and all of them admired Obama , he has the charisma. Of course I wish that this charisma would be enforced with real actions that we are all waiting from him not only in America but in the whole world : The Actions of Real change.


  1. You and your family were mesmerized by him much like most who watch this man. Great orator but be wary of a good speaker. Don't expect much for the Middle East or muslims from this man.

    The Israeli lobby already has him in his pocket. Pics all over the internet of him at the wailing wall. So tell your family not to be so easily duped. HE IS NOT MUSLIM AND HE WILL NEVER SIDE WITH MUSLIMS.

  2. delighted to share the same...


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