Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are we that rich ??

I read a strange news yesterday in the crime page that puzzled me. The Egyptian police arrested another Peruvian gang in Cairo , yes you read it right Peruvian gang in Cairo and it is not the first time.

Last year a Peruvian gang was arrested in Cairo for attempting to steal the Central Bank of Egypt , yes the CBE !! This is not a film, in fact in the most wildest film ever you will not imagine a gang from Latin America comes to Egypt steal to our CBE !!

Anyhow in less than a year another Peruvian gang was arrested from 2 days ago while trying to steal the foreign exchange offices , they already stole about L.E 50,000 !!

Why and How Egypt became so attractive in the eyes of Peruvian gangs ??

in fact how did Egypt become so attractive in the eyes of the foreign gangs ?? First we got the first Peruvian gang that managed to steal $1 Million from the CBE ,then we got the Turkish Women gang who stole gold and jewellery worth of millions ,then again with the Peruvian gangs !!

Are we that rich ?? It seems so !!?

Even in burglary we depend on importing !!!!!

By the way the Turkish women gang that stole gold and jewellery worth of millions only took 3 years in Jail !!! Again do not ask me how but I have the feeling that their embassy did not leave them where as our Foreign ministry does not give a damn for the innocent Egyptians in jails all over the world !! That Turkish gang used to have a very rare device in the world for melting gold so they can smuggle it to Turkey !!

We leave Turkey to Peru , visiting Peru is from my wildest dreams , it is very beautiful country . Strangely the Nuevo Sol nearly equals the Egyptian Pound to the dollar if we compare the exchange prices.

In the end I share with you Simon and Garfunkel cover for El ´condor Pasa


  1. Of course they're not robbing us because we're rich!!!
    I'm sure you've watched movies like Ocean's 11-13 and seen all the sophisticated equipment they used. Robbing a similar place in Egypt would not require all that stuff.

    They are stealing from our jewellery stores and Central Bank because we are easier to steal from. Believe me it's a very attractive idea that even I sometimes have daydreams about it :)

  2. MO , lol , ok have daydreams about it as you want but do not forget those guys were caught in the end ;)

  3. I do believe that we are more prone to theft, not rich at all. Keep in mind that Egyptian jewellery stores do not have the serveillance cameras or the security guards found in Western countries. Our countries are much safer in comparison to the West when it comes to burglary and street crime. I only hope this does not become a trend. A similar thing happened two years ago at Burjuman mall in Dubai when an armed Russian mafia walked into a store during the day and stole a billion dirhams worth of jewellery, but unlike the Turkish women, the Russians succeeded in fleeing the country. I think this is due to the fact that Egyptian Mo has a much tighter security that Emirati Mo, although Egyptian Mo rules a much bigger country.

  4. @Banoot,this is the next thing that is going to happen , Russian mafia steals our gold and jewelery stores in that way !!
    The Jewelers in Egypt do not think to install surveillance cameras because they believe they would cost much despite the fortunes they have !!


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