Thursday, February 12, 2009

Follow Up: The Blue Star saga goes on and on !!

Believe it or not the Blue Star with all my due respect to the crew and their families became a part of a black comedy starring our government and the Somali Pirates.
First of all it turned that Mr. Al Awaa gave the pirates only $ 1/2 million , he could not gather the other half contrary to what was announced earlier . Also as it was stated by the FM spokesperson the Government did not pay a penny.
It seems that the Somali pirates realized whom they are dealing with , they are dealing with a poor pathetic government that does not give a damn about its own people. Already it is said that the pirates were so sorry to hijack this poor ship !! May be this is a new technique our government is using to free our hostages without paying a penny ;  we won’t pay them anything , the pirates will get bored by the end and release the hostage without hurting them , they are Muslims like them !!!
Thank God the Somali pirates have not killed our crew yet for some reason, may be they saw that they are Muslims like them and so it is unfair to kill .. I do not know.
At least the Blue Star crew and their families are much luckier than the Badr vessel !! at least they are still in touch with their families and we know that they are alive for sure after 40 days.
By the way the Japanese Navy is going to have patrols in the red Sea to fight piracy !!! Yes the Japanese Navy !!??
Update :
The families of the crew protested yesterday on the famous staircase of the Journalists syndication , this is great move, I hope the media reacts in more responsible way ,this is more important than the so called Maadi serial killer case

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