Sunday, February 1, 2009

As if we need this too

Elaosboa weekly Published a report saying that an Egyptian food company was supplying the IDF with food in the three weeks of war. It is more than shocking by all means and it is causing more and more damage to our image inside and outside.

This news was circulating like fire in the last 72 hours in the web and you can imagine the reaction. It is the scoop that returned the newspaper to the light if I may say.

The newspaper is saying that a company in “El-Sadat” city called “The international federation for integrated food industries”  was supplying the IDF with food as I hinted earlier in the three week of the war. The company would export to some Israeli company called “Channel Food” and the later would supply the IDF.
To be honest I do not buy this story so easily and I have searched the internet to know if there is an official website to this company to be  sure of its existence , after all if you supply to an army like the IDF then you must have a website on the web. But I have not found an official website ,all what I found is a vacancy ad from the Company in the official Monfia governorate portal. To be honest I have never ever heard about their brand “Laza” !!

The company exports vegetables according to the newspaper , it is logic ,after well it won’t export pre-made food because it should be Kosher.

I am so angry, I wish the newspaper turns to be lying because Egypt has enough to suffer.

An Egyptian company exports food to the IDF in the time the Egyptian regime does not open the crossings as it needed to let the food and medical supplies in !! How worst it can be !!

Links from the Elaosboa archives

I do not trust Mustafa Bakery I am afraid nor his brother who considered a man like Saddam Hussein a hero,it is well known that Bakery is a Pro Regime journalist. Every thing published in his newspaper is approved by the end of the day after all he is the man who delivered the apology of the big Heikal to Mubarak himself!!??

Already I am surprised with  the company’s silence , this is a PR disaster to them , of course they deserve it if they are really exporting to the IDF. I wish other newspapers investigate this matter also. I need another source to be sure 100%

Anyhow if this turns to be true news ,we can do lots of things :

  • Boycott the company’s products in Egypt and in the Arab world.
  • Shower the factory and the company with faxes to express our anger and refusal.
  • We demand the company to issue an official apology to the Egyptian people and instead of exporting the food to Israel , it will export it to Gaza
  • Shower the Chamber of food industries with emails and faxes to express our anger and refusal
  • I am so angry to read something like this, it is even worse than exporting gas to Israel

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