Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Fine for what ??

The 4 chief in editors case came in to an end yesterday after two years in courts !! Thankfully the court decided not to jail them but rather to make them pay a fine.The fine will be L.E 20,00 to each !! This is better than jail from one side but from another side I wonder why they have to pay a fine or even were sued in the first place.
God damn those NDP lawyers who do not have anything in their miserable life except proving their loyalty to the NDP !!??
You know when I look it , it is kind of an ironic that Wael Al Abrashi was the Chief in editor of Sawt Al Oma when this lawsuit saga started and now Abd El-Halim Kandeel is the Chief in editor of Sawt Al Oma !!
Also Adel Hamoda was the chief in editor of Sawt Al Oma before Wael Al Abrashi !!

Anyhow in the end this verdict does not mean that we live in democracy , on contrary it is sad thing and I know this case won't be the last .Already Abdel Halim Kandeel is facing a lawsuit from Ahmed Ezz and his wife.

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