Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Follow Up : Closing the Mataria hospital death file !!

Do you remember the Mataria hospital terrible incident of last year?? Do you remember when babies died in the Mataria hospital last year because of the electricity outage!!??
Well yesterday the health minister announced the findings of the official investigation in the incident. As usual the investigation was wrapped up and no one is to be blamed except the one who shot those shocking moments on video !! Yes the minister vowed to get the one who fabricated the video !!?? fabricated the video ??
According to the findings :
  • All the babies were in a very bad condition when they entered 
  • All the babies were dead before the electricity block out 
  • The electricity outage is innocent !!
This is so stupid and naive ,was not it a strange coincidence that all those babies were terribly sick at the same time ??
This was expected ,now I fear on the doctors of the children section in the hospital, now they will be hunted down one by one
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  1. Do you have any link to the source of this information? Thanks in advance.

  2. here it is Moftasa


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