Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : The Pharmacists strike "2"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Follow Up : The Pharmacists strike "2"

These are the latest updates about the Pharmacist strike in Egypt. First of all the Syndication is insisting on its demands and the minister of health is backing them, describing the strike as a civilized one. This is a very rare statement from an official regarding a strike in Egypt.
The Official Press in Egypt is differed in its coverage regarding the strike. For instance Al Ahram and Al Gomhouria transferred the image as it was yesterday , 80% of the Pharmacies were closed and there was a stand in front of the syndication.
Where as Al Akhbar in its first page considered the strike as a failure and only few pharmacies listened to the anarchistic syndication "The Pharmacies of Cairo and Giza refused the strike !!"
This is so bad for Al Akhbar when its sisters Al Ahram and Al Akhbar publish the opposite !!??
Some Pharmacies agreed to open at 6PM on daily basis up till the next 21st of February 2009.
To explain more the crisis between the Pharmacists and taxes ,here are some brief summarized points :
  • Ashraf Al Arabi wants to treat the Pharmacies as commercial investment entities not as service entities and thus more taxes will be imposed.
  • Ashraf Al Arabi wants the pharmacies to pay the taxes as commercial entities since 2005 , yes they have to pay old taxes too, you can see why they are so angry and if they do not pay they will go to jail !!
P.S Again Ashraf Al Arabi is the head of the taxes authority.
More updates to come insh Allah

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