Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Magician always has old tricks to use

I do not know if you remember but there are two chief in editors who are sued in front of court for breaking the Publication ban of Suzanne Tamim’s murder.

Magdy El-Gald of Al Masry Al Youm and Abbas El-Tarably of Al Wafd along with the journalists who covered the court decisions just like all other publications including the official ones but for some reason those two newspapers took all the blame.

Now it turned out those journalists are prosecuted according to a very old law , very old law that goes back to 99 years ago!! Yes article No. 190 for breaking the Publication ban was put  in 1910 by the British and historically this is the first time it has been used !!!!!??

It is so sad to use your old occupier’s laws to silent the media !!

BY I am not surprised , the magician always has old tricks to use when it is needed !!

After all those founders of the State security in 1950s and 1960s were the same officers in the Political police during the time of occupation.

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