Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breaking News : A Blast in the Al Hussein Square

The news is confirmed. A blast has taken place from a while ago a cafe in Al Hussein square aka Al Mashhad Al Husain.
8 people were injured as reported :(
The blast happened because an explosive device , already the police found another device that did not explode thank God. This means one thing ; it is a terrorist act :(
Al Hussein is a populated area and a tourist attraction , huge tourist attraction.
This is not good :(

Update # 1:
  • 17 persons were injured among them Frenc tourists"bad injuries"
  • The Police has evucated the area.
  • The bomb was thrown from the Al Hussein hotel in the Square according to eye witnesses.
  • The explosion was strong
  • The eye witnesses are speaking about two women wearing Naqab !!
  • The terrorism law is going to be discussed soon
  • 4 people were killed among them 2 foreigns
  • There were many tourists injured in the attack mainly from France and Germany
  • A French tourist was killed , I am sorry for his family. 
  • The government and the pro-NDP started to accuse the Islamists immediately
  • The official TV  does not like the injured and death toll published by Reuters and based on the reporters from the lcoation itself
  • MP Haider Baghdady ,the NDP representative of the Gamilia area where the Al Hussein square is has just accused on Al Jazeera Iran and Taliban !! I does not think that he knows that Taliban and Iran were against each other !! This is a typical NDP MP !!
  • The explosion happened in front of the Al Hussein Mosque according to the eye witnesses
  • 3 Saudi tourists were injured in the attack and they were transferred by their own request to the Misr international hospital in Dokki
  • There is some news that there was another explosion , that the police failed to diffuse the second device !!
  • The Minister of health denies that there are victims in the explosion according to a strange statement in Mena !!!!!
  • The Nile News has published right now footage from the location
  • Thanks to Moftasa , here is an image from the location from AP
AP: Blood is seen on the ground following a bomb blast outsid... on TwitPic
This is scary because this is the Mosque itself , the area outside the Mosque ,that marble entrance
it seems that the bomb was really thrown from the fourth flook from the Al Hussein hotel in front of the Mosque.
The devices are said to be put under the Cafe chairs , the cafe in front of the Mosque, I do not know the pattern of the blood on the Mosque marble !!??
The devices are said to local manufactured
Updates#5 :
  • It was confirmed that 19 persons were injured among them foreigners, they were transferred to the Al Hussein hospital and now they are transferred to Nasser institution according to the orders of the health minister.
  • The Nile News confirmed the death of 21 years old French woman, I am sorry ,really sorry for her
  • The other bomb did not harm anyone
  • The explosion was strong according to eye witnesses
  • The eye witnesses on TV channels are speaking about terrible scenes ,some of them speaking them about children being killed !! No confirmation
  • The police has arrested 3 suspects !!
Updates#6 :
  • According to the health minister the nationalities of the injured are : Egyptians, French,Germans and Saudis
  • Here is the exact location of the attack

View Larger Map

Updates#7 :

The Interior ministry has issued its statement at last regarding the attack , this is the first statement , for sure they issue other statements with more updates
According to the statement :
  • The attack happened in 7: 30 PM
  • One French tourist has been killed "21yrs old woman"
  • 10 French tourists were injured
  • 4 German tourists were injured
  • 3 Saudi tourists were injured
  • 4 Egyptians were injured " Including a child who is currently in the operation room in the Hussain hospital,insh Allah he will be fine and a Policeman"
The interior minister has visited the location and left without saying anything.
The second bomb did not explode according to some sources
Updates#8 :
  • Did I mention here that the Emergency law is going to discussed in the assembly next month to be renewed ??
  • Al the shops and cafes in Khan Al Khalil were closed by the orders of the security also their owners are scared
  • The  security in Egypt prevents the Egyptian reporters from doing their job ,already uptill now the TV reporters are speaking from the outside the location
  • Here is a photo from the scene by Ahmed Abdel Fatah
  • According to interior ministry stastement the bombs were put under a stone couch which is in the garden between the Mosque and the hotel. So they were not thrown from the Hotel.
  • The bombs are reportedly primitive from gun powders and nails
  • There is a noticeable security presence in the Salah Salem bridge and the Al Azhar tunnel
  • Here are more photos from Ahmed Abdel Fatah
Updates#8 :
  • There was a football match during the time of the attack, most Egyptians including the security were following it
Here are some geneeral information about Khan Al Khalil
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  1. The member of parliament for that area (I think) has just come out and started officially blaming homegrown Islamic terrorism supported by some local parties as well as Arab or Persian capitals. He also included Taliban and Iran on Al Jazeera. Great words for someone to say without even waiting for investigations.

    There's been some interesting stuff going on over the past few days. First the release of Ayman Nour, then the lifting of the emergency law in March and finally the ongoing criticism of the MB since the Gaza aggression and calling them traitors.

    It seems the government would rather compete with Al Ghad than compete against the MB. I expect to see some disastrous political games over the next few months.

  2. Hello- If you witnessed the blast we'd like to talk to you. ~Trish from CNN

  3. La hawla wa la quwwata illa biLlah!

    I wonder why they would wear niqaab, what are they hiding?

  4. Sorry for the dead and wounded families, all the officials should wait with their opinions during the investigations had finished. And LOL Taliban an IRAN, no Iranian would support Talibans. What do u think about other extremists maybe Jews or radical paletinians, maybe the wan´t stop the war and bring it to a country that is helping to stop war.

  5. @Mo,this is a very interestng point indeed

    @Trish,I am afraid I did not witness the incident

    @Abu Hamza, nobody knows , may be they were men , already I am having my doubt regarding this story

    @anonymous , I can't say anything now , despite I do not like to consider a regional terroist , the bombs used are very primitive

  6. Do you know anything about Austrians? In austrias media rumors abounded about involved austrian citizens? I would be thankful for every kind of information.

  7. your follow up this time is superb!

  8. @anonymous, thank God there is no news regarding the Austrian citizens,
    the tourists involved in this sorrowful accidents were French and German

    @Blue, thank you dear

  9. thx for your great work, and your fast answers.

  10. you welcome anonymous, it is the least thing I can do

  11. Must have been some Zionist agent provocateur!


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