Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too Early to say anything

It has not passed five hours yet and the Pro-regime media and the regime men began to accuse certain groups and countries of being behind Al Azhar attack !!?? This is so expected from our regime.
Now here is the list of suspects or rather accused from the regime media :
1// The Islamists “ They are the main suspect regardless of whoever is behind them”
2// The people of Sinai !! “Yes they are angry from what is happening in Palestine !!”
3// The Palestinians “Yeah you know those Palestinians who pass through the tunnels , the evil Hamas”
4// Taliban !!
5// Iran “and sooner its allies in the region”
This is so ridiculous !!
It depends on which channel you are watching currently the official TV is speaking about Islamists and Palestinians who sneak in to the country.
So pathetic ,they forget to include the Mossad !!
By the way I forget to mention No.6 suspect which was not mentioned in the channels : The regime.
Again next month the emergency law will be discussed !! Strange coincidence.
Of course I do not accuse anyone in this time unlike the regime men, I have so many thoughts currently and I am waiting for more info to be revealed.
Update : There is a new suspect in town : Pakistanis who entered the country and suddenly disappeared !!! This is accoridng to the Al-Masryon E-Newspaper !!


  1. Greetings from Italy,good luck


  2. The regime can pass its anti-terrorism law without any real obstacles.

    This will affect tourism and the hard currency the regime depends upon to keep what jobs there are in Egypt.

    Personally I think the Egyptian people are fed up, unemployed and they have nothing to lose so why not blow up some tourists to piss off the government.

  3. i think it's just mad arab egyptians angry of the infidel government, i know you wish from the bottom of your heart it's Mossad, CIA oe even the egyptian intelligence for the emergency laws thing, but disappointment is what all you gonna get... as usual.

  4. Poverty, illiteracy and unjustness... three factors if combined, would result in disasters. Targeting the perpetrators behind such an act is undoubtedly necessary, but it will not prevent similar acts from happening again. We have to fight what causes the act as well as who causes it.

  5. @anonymous, the economy and tourism is already affected
    I believe the real danger from the unemployed has not started it

    @Bastawsi,all indicators and previous examples say otherwise

    @Hina wa Hinak, if you want to fight the causes ,you will have to fight the corruption , what caused corruption ?? the regime !!

  6. The big question of cause, action, reaction, and prevention have always been subjective.

    If you have a bomb in your hand, what should your priorities be? Is it intuitive, situationistic, tactical, or strategic for them to attack X instead of Y. What are their options? Do they ever consider any targets rather than tourists?

    Not that I support any bombings at all! But just trying to question the mindset of the so-called (at least according to govt blurb) amateur jihadists..

    I wish that we will not have another case like The "Victorious Sect" Arrests.

  7. This attack is very bad for Egypt, those who did it should think better before harming the nation.


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