Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Night they arrested the fearful Maadi killer !!??

Do you remember the Maadi Killer or rather slayer as the Press in Egypt called him despite the fact he killed nobody ??
If You do not remember ,well I recommend you to read this post from two years ago
Yes at last the police arrested the Maadi killer after 2 years. They announced his arrested yesterday with no further information about his identity or how he was arrested. Today they revealed more information as expected .
Here he is Ladies and Gentlemen the man the interior ministry claims to be the Maadi slayer or killer
The Maadi killer Now interesting enough he does not look at all as the sketch distributed on the newspapers from two years ago. He is not dark as I can tell from the photo

Is this a mistake or what ??
According to the police reports Mohamed Mustafa Mahmoud El-Said. 21 years barber from Shubra is the man that spread  horror in Maadi. He confessed in front of the Police and in front of the D.A too.”Of course he will deny it in front of the court as usual”
The story of his arrest is so strange at least to me
He arrested when a man reported him to the police after finding him in front of his house “the man’s house”  claiming to visit one of his friends there,where as that friend does not  live in the building.
The police came and arrested Mahmoud.”Since when they come in no time !!!???” In his confession it turned out that Mahmoud was masturbating !! Yes Masturbating in front of the man’s house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does someone masturbate in the street if I may ask ?? should not he be in a more private place especially they are saying that he is an introvert ??According to what Mahmoud said he was addicted to Masturbation and he did on that day after watching some erotic film !! again why would he masturbate in the street or in someone’s house ??
This is just no.1
No.2 Mahmoud suddenly confessed everything , in fact he told the cops his pathetic sick life since his introvert childhood to the surgery that left his abdomen disfigured to the big shocking discovery : He is homosexual !!
He had sex with one of his friends from 4  years ago because he could not do it with women !! From 4 years ago he would be 18 years ago. Still he always has fantasies about the women’s bodies !!!!!!!!! So he is bisexual !!?? or he hates women and that is why he attacked them in this particular place ??
I do not understand , when You read his confession in carefully you will feel that there are gaps especially if you read more about the sexual psychological crimes.
He claims that he started his attacks after watching a foreign music video where the singer took off the cloth of the model in front of him, ok but the singer did not stab her in her ass !!!!!
Now here is a question why did he suddenly disappeared from Maadi ?? Such behaviour will continue over time , he escalated with his behaviour from masturbation to a violent act “attacking the lower part of the females” in order to satisfy his sexual need according to his confession , this is a violent transfer in his character.
As far as I understand he can’t go back to masturbation because he was more satisfied, otherwise he would continue in what they claim he was doing .  I know you may be lost here but again the personality that goes stalking every walking female in order to injure her from behind because such act makes him achieve orgasm is unstable psychopathic personality.Such personality does not stop suddenly for fear of consequences ,he may not do this act in this or that area but he will do it in other place , may be after a period of time but not to stop it suddenly forever.
Mahmoud is a terrible sex offender , he will stop his activity in two cases : Either his death or his arrest.
His mother and sister are denying the charges and saying that it was another fabrication from the interior ministry. They told website that he was absent for a week from home and they reported him missing to the police , after that week they found about his arrest.
Now this announcement means that this case is reopened again and it will be the talk of the town. I wonder if there is something important coming the over whether from bad or shocking decision !!
I must remind you that already after one month over the sudden disappearance of the killer ,people began to suspect his existence in the first place
They even made jokes about it !!
Now after the Bani Mazaar case and the 6th Crime case many people do not trust the police anymore. Across the Egyptian news websites will find most of the commentators disbelief the official story.
By the way the 6th October murder trial seems to be heading in the same route of Bani Mazaar’s murder.
The Police hopes to close this case for good with this arrest of this troubled young man ,well they hoped too in the case of Bani Mazaar.
Is not that pathetic , we do not trust our own police again , well it is not our mistake ,it is the police mistake.
This is an interesting timing when the interior ministry is trying to ignore the new torture video !! “Warning shocking graphic content”
Update :
The Media circus has just started and the Youm 7 interviewed the family and the neighbours of Mahmoud Mustafa Mahmoud,as I hinted earlier his family ,friends and neighbours disbelieve the charges


  1. I don't understand why you are surprised ya Zeinobia... bokra ye2oolo kan men 3abadet el shaytan w mesh be3eed yetala3ooh gasoos.

    By the way that masturbating in public scene happened in front of me once. I was in a car with a girl and we were waiting for one of our friends under her house to go and work on a project in university. It was about 6pm and the sun had just gone down ya3ni it wasn't late at night or anything. The electricity cut on our side of the road and then we saw this man walk beside the car and sit beside a tree about 20 meters away and he started doing his thing. When I realized what was happening I was so embarrassed and I didn't know what to do except keep pushing the horn on the car until the man just got up and started running when he realized someone had seen him. He wasn't a kid or anything, he was at least in his mid thirties.

    Sexual tension is very high due to millions of reasons that you already know. It also relates to your other post about the lady who was harrassed by teenagers in Moqattam. It's a disease.

  2. i agree with ya, the whole things seem fabricated, specially how they caught him.


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