Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mamdouh Ismail to jail for seven years

Mamdouh Ismail has lost the appeal and he is going to the jail for seven years with hard labour. The appeal court sentenced him to seven years for involuntary manslaughter of the 1035 passengers of Al-Salam 98 ferry !!

I will repeat again the involuntary manslaughter of the 1035 passengers of Al-Salam 98 ferry !! Not for the involuntary manslaughter of 2 persons !!

The victims families are happy with the sentence because they know it is most harsh sentence a man like Ismail with his connection can receive.

I am afraid this sentence despite its importance and the fact that it sends Ismail behind bars  is more like a drug to the public. Ismail already escaped and is currently in London ,the haven of the Egyptian criminals and thieves. There is no extradition agreement Egypt and UK for some unknown reason and he is safe by the end of day enjoying his millions of dollars !! “Oh God I hope he suffers from recession there”

Nothing is going to happen to his empire in Egypt , everything is well protected.

In the end I won’t say that I am not happy but on the other hand I am not thrilled to hear about this very soft sentence. We are not speaking about a car accident here I am afraid.

Again all what I can say is that I wish someone will sue him in London , also I wish that we boycott his companies and hotels in Egypt ,here is the list of his empire in Egypt

        X Concorde El-Salam at Misr El Gadida, Cairo

        X Concorde Sharm El-Sheikh, Sinai.

  • Telstar travel at Tahrir Square, Cairo.

The case of the Al-Salam Ferry 98 has not finished yet as long as Ismail is in London. The case of the missing crew members is still open.

Sometimes I feel that Mamdouh Ismail will be killed on the hands of some angry Upper Egyptian.

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  1. Alhamdullilah. we were so happy to hear this news on El Beit Beitak and Mr. Mahmoud Saad have live telephone conversation with Mr. Mamdouh's lawyer regarding this matter and in fact we will all know by Saturday insyallah on the same show if Mr. Mamdouh Ismail is coming to Egypt to serve his sentence or not! I dont understand why Egypt didnt have any extradition agreement with countries like France, UK, Italy and etc? that is why so many Egyptian criminals escape to this country after committing big crimes in Egypt!!!

  2. @anonymous, I doubt that Ismail is going to return back to Egypt
    I think this goes to the human rights records I am afraid

  3. Ibelieve that somehow many ppl are happy to see the wealthy fall. that it gives ppl pleasure to see those with money in pain. i think he is innocent and that the whole thing is blown out of porportion....

  4. Please tell that to the families of the victims


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