Egyptian Chronicles: A very limited reshuffle

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A very limited reshuffle

Without any introduction we found Mubarak today issuing a Presidential decree of a reshuffle in the Nazif Cabinet. Do not put too much hope all the corrupted ministers are still in their positions.

The reshuffle includes two ministry and founding new one.

Here is a summary for the Presidential decree No.74 for year 2009 :

  • Appointing Dr.Mohamed Nasr El-Din Allam as the minister of water resources and irrigation instead of Dr.Mahmoud Abu-Zaid,it is said that Abu-Zaid requested to be exempted from his position due to his health problems. I do not know if Dr. Nasr El-Din is related to the famous Allam family, the famous business family or not, but it won’t surprise me if he is related to them ,after all this is the businessmen cabinet.
  • Founding the ministry of the state’s affairs of family and population,it will be headed by Ambassador Moshira Khateb. The new ministry will care for women,children and family affairs . Ok now I know that we will have fun days in the Parliament from endless debates between Moshira and the MBs !! Already they can’t stomach her  Many conservatives consider Moshira as secular feminist who wants to please the west. Already I know in their websites and blogs they will consider this decision as an attempt from the regime to come closer to the west.
  • Changing the name of the ministry of health and population in to the ministry of health.Now population became the mission of Moshira in her new ministry.

I will comment later about Presidential decree no.74 for year 2009

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  1. hi(: i'm mexican and I don't know howi get here, to your blog, but i need help. I figure, since you know of this, you could help me please.
    I'm in a model of the UN, for which i have to knoe if egypt is in favor or against the creation of an independent palestinian state. Can you please just, get into my blog, or here and tell me if you know? I would greatly aprecciate it.

  2. hola :)
    sure I will tell you of course Egypt is in the favor of creating an independent Palestinian state !!


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