Sunday, March 1, 2009

The State Department 2008 Human rights report : Egypt

The State of Department in the United States has issued its controversial report about the human rights in the world last 25th of February and as usual many countries in the world do not like what is mentioned in the report and started to attack the United States like China,Sudan and of Course Egypt.

Here is the State department 2008 human rights report in Egypt ,you can read it completely.

The regime in Egypt should be angry , the report attacks the regime since the first  paragraph with words like fraud in he presidential election and the security forces ’abuse of power and this is just the first paragraph !!

I read several parts from the report only,I could not read it completely .I read the parts regarding the Police abuse power and freedom of expression , I felt that I was reading a summary for all the cases we reported in our blogs and newspapers !! I am afraid there were not any lies in the parts I read , they were all facts , real incidents that took place.

Of course the Egyptian regime should be angry , but it should blame itself in the first place . If the Egyptian regime considers this report as a blackmail and sometimes it is, then it should not allow itself to be in this position in the first place. I am not naive but the only way to avoid that type of reports is through democracy !!


  1. Oh nothing about homosexuals? only the HIV+ cases?! =S

  2. Well with my respect to Ice Queer, I think the American administration understood that the majority of the Egyptian people refuse homosexuality whether Muslims or Christians, in previous reports when they used to mention them the people in Egypt became so angry ,so I think they realized that this is not an issue for the majority taking in consideration they are trying to come closer to the Arab and Muslim people all over the world

  3. Zeinobia,

    You forgot to mention the liberals, too.
    I think most Egyptians are in agreement when it comes to this issue, regardless of their religious beliefs or political views.

    BTW, it's not only Egyptians who look down on homosexuality, but even in America it is not regarded as something that is socially acceptable. A gay couple can live in a cosmopolitan city such as New York where most people do not know who lives next door, but they certainly cannot live in a nice neighbourhood in the suburbs amongst other families.

    Americans are just as confused about homosexuality and they are not sure how to deal with it. If you noticed Obama during his "pro-choice" campaign, he did not touch this issue. He did mention Atheists (which is revolutionary), but not gays.

    So, I am not too surprized the US left out this subject in its human rights report. I don't think the US goverment is in position to force its ideals on other countries when it hasn't cleaned up its own backyard yet; gays still cannot join the army. There is a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and if you are found out you get dishonorably discharged.

  4. Zenobia:
    I don't want my gay rights, I just want them to stop arresting us(thu they rarely did after the queen boat thing but am sure they'll come back after us very soon) and to gain some RESPECT!
    Just to live and let live!

    yes, u r so right about what you say.
    It's ironic that they gave them medals 4 killing men but they dishonorbly discharge them 4 loving one! lol

  5. @Banoota, you point is right , I remember how the gay community in America was angry when Rev. Warren said the prayers in the inauguration speech, of course it is doubled standard society

    @Ice Queer, I do not know about respect , you know better than me that the majority of our society does not respect the homosexuals just like many other societies in East and also West , this can't be gained by force or by laws

  6. Yes dear but in the West they don't get arrested cuz they're homosexuals or even drag queens!
    I don't care about what people or the society think and say about me, I don't want to have gay clubs or sauna or what's so ever in Egypt(thu there r many undisclosed places already), I only want to live calm without worrying of getting caught one day!
    So YES, Law and Force can guarantee that 4 me.


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