Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Incredible auctions

I won’t be surprised if there are some Egyptian antiquities being sold in the Yves Saint Laurent’s auction or the Michael Jackson auction whether from the ancient time or even from the Mohamed Ali Royal family stuff !!

I saw the photo galleries of both auctions ,the Yves Saint Laurent and the Michael Jackson ,the later will be held soon and I could not believe myself.

First of all here are some photo galleries from the Time magazine from the Yves Saint Laurent auction, please enjoy it:

Again I was not surprised by Laurent, he was a designer and French but I am surprised at Wacko Jacko stuff !!

You can see a quick summary for the most famous items of Jacko that will be sold in the auction at the Time magazine , of course I recommend that you waste some time in browsing the complete catalogues themselves.

My favourite catalogue that shocked me is catalogue No.3 “Antiques, Paintings and Fine Decorative Art”, I really like the Cleopatra last moment by the French painter D. Pauvert in 1892


of course I expect that the Jackson auction may not be successful as Laurent’s because of the economic crisis in America currently and the fact that Wacko Jacko is the owner can be disturbing for some.

I am sure that there are some Wealthy Arab from the Gulf who were and will participate in these two auctions.

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