Monday, April 6, 2009

Follow Up : The 6th of April

Today is the day and unlike last year it is a normal quiet day , there are cars in the streets but I feel that they are less than yesterday !! Of course it is early to say anything.
Press coverage :
The newspapers differed in its coverage today , of course the major opposition and independent newspapers paid more attention to the strike , most of the newspapers like Al Dostour ,Al Shorouq and Al Masry Al Youm gave the strike one page maximum where as Al Badeel made a whole supplement inside today's issue.Of course Al Badeel went a litte bit far saying that the strike has succeeded already!!
Unlike last year most of the official newspapers did not mention the strike except may be Al Akhbar with its half page " Egypt's interest above all"
By the way Mrs. Sakina Fouad did not publish her wonderful op-ed in Al Wafd newspaper today, I do not know if it is part of its support to the strike or what !!

Other Remarks :
  • The regime outspoken and media addict clerics like Youssef El-Badry have attacked the strike ,calling it as Western invention !!
  • There was a huge protest for the Egyptian Alliance in the United States in front of our embassy in D.C in solidarity with the strike 
  • A preganent woman was arrested among the 6th April Youth pre-strike day arrests had an abortation.
  • The secuity is on an alert
Live blogging :
  • From Alexandria : "Via Wael Abbas" everything is quiet and normal in Alexandria
  • From Cairo : "Via Arabawy" Small protest at state council "the gas export to Israel  case"
  • It is 11:13 AM, it is still early
12:58 PM : Update # 1:
  • Ahmed Abdel Fatah published in his blog photos showing the security measures in Giza Governorate near the Cairo university and in front of the state council "It is interesting to see the anti-riots vehicles in front of Al Horreya school !!"
  • Abdel Fatah is saying that currently there are tough clashes between the students and the security inside Ain Shams University Campus.
  • According to my resources there are protests in Cairo University Campus too
  • The security measures Down Town are the highest ,it is something logic especially that 6th April youth group has announced their protests location there.
  • I must hint to something that some groups in Egypt wanted to make it a day of protest not a day of strike.
1:19 PM : Update #2 :
  • There are clashes between the students in Helwan University
  • There were several arrests across the country.
  • The security forces cracked down the labor protests in front of the labor union,down town "the time of the protest was 12 PM CLT"
  • Everything seems normal in Masr Al Gadeda and Madinat Nasr "Via Lasto adri"
  • MB mobilized only 30 to 4o students in Alexandria University Campus according to eye witness, I wonder where the rest of them are !! "Via Arabawy
  • The Journalists syndication protest has started earlier than its announced time"3 PM" , Only 30 protesters are currently there "via Moftasa"
  • Those 30 protesters as usually are met by hundreds if not thousands of anti-riot forces.
  • As I have expected months before the 14th of February group has published a statement attacking the 6th of April youth and the strike !!
1:46 PM Update#3
  • There is a protest right now in front of the journalist syndication
  • There are two protests in front of Helwan University 
  • There is a protest in front of faculty of sciences at Cairo University
  • There is a protest in front of Al-Montazah police station and I do not think that it is related to the strike.
  • There is a sand storm currently in North Sinai , I think this is forcing the people to stay at home whether they like or not.
Update #4 : 
  • Al Jazeera considers the strike was successful !!
  • It seems that hundreds of MB students protested in Alexandria university.
  • Here is a slide show from Mohamed Hamma from Al Mansoura university showing the protests there.

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  1. It shall never work like this, it has to be all mahalla 2008 again in order to have some progress through the entire country.

  2. I know that it won't work this way but on the other hand Al Mahalla was so violent in a way I do not want to happen on a wider scale

  3. Your blog is very informative and thank you for writing in English for those who can't read Arabic. Bless those who strive for freedom and democracy. PEACE!

  4. Thank you Taru and anonymous :)


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