Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Badr I Anyone ??

Does anyone else remember Badr I ?? The Egyptian vessel carrying cement cargo that suddenly disappeared in the red sea from more than a year ago !!??

Where is the press ?? Where is TV ?? There is a whole crew made of Egyptians missing , their families know nothing about their fate after all that time !!

As far as I know there is no Bermuda triangle in the red sea , we have only pirates whom unfortunately do not exist where the ship suddenly disappeared from the radar.

Where is the vessel owner ??

Where are the authorities ??

I have full confidence that the owner of Badr I knows its fate very well along with the authorities ; I hope that one day that they will be kind enough and share this knowledge no only with the families of the crew but with the Egyptian people !!

Where were our respectable MPs from Badr I ??

I wish that the families of Badr I crew protest in front of journalists syndication.


  1. بالنسبة للسفينتين المختطفتين فى الصومال ؟

  2. I want to know what happened to the ship's captain and why he was never prosecuted (wasn't he acquitted?). Egyptian lives are cheap, as this and the Minya (maghagha?) capsizing showed, all except for the Manoufi cabal around the Kafr el-Maselhawi and certain prized relatives from Mitai. Yalla ya masryeen! oul li rieesaku huwa mandahush ad-dem! Yalla ya gada'aan!


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