Monday, June 15, 2009

Execution By The Dozen

In the last 48 hours the Egyptian courts has ruled the death penalty for about 26 persons in 2 different case.The Mufti recommended the death penalty in the first and will say his opinion in the second.

On Saturday the court in Damanhur ruled out death penalty for 24 men in a historical sentence the Egyptian courts have seen something like it since the start of our modern judicial system.

24 men were found guilty in first degree murder after the terrible massacre they committed last year over a land fight in some valley called “about 1500 acres with money value equal to LE 400 Million !!” The criminals who are or rather were originally thugs from Upper Egypt killed 11 persons in that massacre,the photos of the massacre are extremely terrible as if they were taken from some war film.

The court ordered that tough punishment so those thugs would be an example for any criminal who thinks in doing something similar , I support this court order but I wonder if that person who hired those thugs or rather criminals is punished in the same way !!? You see two organizations were fighting over that piece of land , one of them hired some thugs to become guards in land and protect it from the other team  so the other organization hired those criminals from Upper Egypt , the criminals from Upper Egypt killed those guards in cold blood.

Not only I am asking about the man who hired those Upper Egyptian criminal but I am asking about the role of security specifically the police , those criminals killed those guards by unregistered guns , big guns too , how could they get these weapons and how could they manage to transfer these weapons to Damanhur !!??

We  leave this case and go to another one , the horrible murder of Egyptian Banker Hala Fayek , Saturday the 13th of June was the first hearing session and on Sunday the 14th of June the judge decided to send the papers of the accused to the Mufti aka death penalty aka execution to the maid and her husband. I think the judge did not take too much time because the husband has confessed in the hearing session on Saturday , of course he defended his wife but the judge did not believe him based on the evidence in front of him. This was very fast trial but to be honest they deserve it , that criminal was initially going to kill late Fayek’s sick mother so he could steal them !!

We move to another trial or another murder , a murder that shocked the Egyptian society , eng.Sharif who killed his family because of the financial crisis. Now already the trial ended that Sharif would be executed , it was not a shock compared to what he had done from brutal crime I can’t imagine now and the fact that he confessed  everything and requested from the court to be executed. The man already refused the play his family’s attorney's game and claim madness. well Yesterday it was announced that Sharif was found dead naturally in his prison cell !! He died because of natural causes before his execution !! His health was not ok ,already he tried to kill himself during the crime but he failed and after his arrest he was barely eating or drinking anything and I do not need to guess the reason. The man already on TV said that he feared to close his eyes for fear he would see the faces of his family.المهندس شريف

Here is his only interview made for TV with Mahmoud Saad whom I respected so much for his performance in this interview.

I believe that in the last 2 months  the Egyptian courts saw death penalties verdicts more it had seen in the past two years. If you think it is unfair verdict ,think about the victims of those to be executed. I consider these executions a result of how violent and chaotic the Egyptian society has become.

Experts say that these execution penalty now is needed to bring order to the Egyptian society , I understand the importance of execution penalty  but you need real police force and security in the Egyptian society in the first place, all those horrible crimes are done because there is no real security in the Egyptian society anymore. There is political security but not a public security.


  1. you're right about the absence of law enforcers in the streets. their absence is both physical and conceptual. i.e. the concept of policemen as enforcers of LAW is absent, thus they are no more trusted.

    we are likely to witness escalating criminal violence both quantitatively and qualitatively as long as no well thought measures are put into action. sadly we can't expect such measures to be even contemplated by the regime. mainly because the whole issue is of a very low priority provided that it has actually made it to its agenda.

  2. what is this about plague in libya? is it the bubonic plague?

  3. is plague common there? have you ever seen anything like this zeinobia?

  4. Egyptian citizens should ask themselves is their
    law enforcement (Police) that incompetent? Corrupt? or both?. You mean to tell me 24 persons "thugs" were charged and judged for capital punishment without getting some information from them about who hired them? who gave them the weapons? If you negotiate with each to trade capital punishment for life in prison, you will get the full story from many, then get the key plotter and charge him with capital offence (death penalty). Unless, the cops got this information for free by beating them, then got rich by negotiating with the rich culplit. You don't need a rocket scientist to figure it out. The media should raise questions.

  5. @anonymous ,we have not had plague for centuries, regarding Libya I do not know really ,it is not the first time something like this happens in the time of Gaddafi and reports saying that he was playing with Germs in his lab !! God only knows

    @Ohio, to answer your question ,well the police said that they interrogated the chairmen of the organizations and they said that they have not had a hand in the massacre
    It is interesting to know that one of the chairmen is called Mahmoud salem and he was a vet pilot ,I suspect that he is a relative to famous Hussein Salem


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