Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fragments On The Notes of Naksa : No One Pushed The Red Button

I know that I promised this year to shade more light on some unknown aspects in Six Days War / Naksa 1967 , some heroic aspects and that because of the Iranian uprising I seemed that I did not keep up with my promise.

Well I am currently on working gathering more and more stories along with Photos ,especially with the rare Egyptian POWs photos that did not reach to Egypt due Political reasons I do not need to explain but I have to say them ; no country in the world will publish in time of war the humiliating moments of its soldiers in time of war !! For God Sake even now the American administration refuses to publish the photos of its dead soldiers !!

In my search for photos I found a strange set of photos taken in Sinai on the 10th of June 1967 by famous Israeli military photographer Micha Bar Am.

That set was for an Egyptian Sam Missiles base in Sinai !!  Yes you read it right an Egyptian Sam Missiles base in Sinai in 1967, of course I must add before “Egyptian Sam Missiles base” the word “Abandoned” ; well according to the description of the photos whose source of course Israel the Egyptian forces left the base intact !! The Sam missile base of course war  Soviet and strangely according to the info the Israelis found even the complex radar guidance equipment had been left in operational order !!

I do not need to guess that the officers and the soldiers of the base had to withdraw after hearing the stupid withdrawal order of Abdel Hakim and I wish they did not , I wish they were like those daring men who defied the order and stayed to fight like late Martyr Saresawy !!

They could have just pushed the red button to down those Israeli air fighters destroying our air bases on that bloody morning on the 5th of June 1967 , no they did not for some unknown reason !!

That Sam missiles air base was equal to millions of dollars then !! I can’t believe myself , no body cared to push the red button !!

By the way this base was not the only Soviet military products given to the IDF there were other weapons and arms ,I think that was why Charlie Wilson and Co. thought of Egypt and Israel when they were searching for Old Soviet weapons for Afghanistan in 1980s ,we and them had old inventory !!

It makes so angry after even after those 42 years that we did not launch those Sams :(

Someone should have pushed the red button , may be it would not have changed a lot but at least, at least Someone then had pushed the red button !!

P.S I wish one day we will be able to have a missile base again in Sinai ;P

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