Friday, June 5, 2009

H5N1 Follow Up : No.79

The ministry of health has announced yesterday that Ahmed Fathi Eissa “1 year and 5 months “ is Egypt’s No.79 in our H5N1 Human infection toll. Ahmed is From a village in Damietta , North Delta. He began to suffer from the symptoms on the first of June , then he entered Damietta's fever hospital on the 3rd of June.

I would like to mention that there are currently several cases across the country in the hospitals on the suspicion of H5N1 infection.

From  another side the ministry of health has announced that Miram, our first Swine flu victim has nearly recovered from that awful virus thank God.


  1. And now H1n1 patients are being kept in same hospitals with H5N1. This will be so scary if it mutates to a stronger virus and is safe.

  2. are you sure from that information !!?? I know that H5N1 patients are sent to Manshiyat El-Bakery fever hospital where as the H1N1 are sent to Abassiya fever hospital !?


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