Friday, June 5, 2009

The Walls of Naksa

It is not easy to forget that today , tonight exactly at the moment of writing these letters that from 42 years ago , there were Egyptian families across the country that doomed to remember this day as day of sorrow !!
As a day of losing someone they love , as a day of losing home.
5th of June of 1967 a day that changed not only Egypt but the whole Middle east
To All the martyrs of the Six Days war, May Allah bless your souls , we will always remember you generation after generation.
By the way I want to say something , may be I am from the so-called Peace generation , may be I am from the lucky generation that did not live this terrible humiliating experience which the Nasser regime called it “Naksa-A set back” , but I think that we should not be the prisoners of that defeat, yes it is just a defeat with all its horrors and results chasing us till now, it was a defeat of one battle in a long war. I know it was a shock for millions but we must do what the Egyptian army realized after that shock ,that it should keep going.
Why I am saying so !! Because it seems that there are some people who are insisting to live in 1967 and refuse to move to 1973, they are trapped in walls they created with their sadness and despair ,these walls can be climbed and even destroyed to ground just like the Barlive Line for God Sake !!
I am speaking about the psychological defeat , the myth which Israel created perfectly that it can’t be conquered in warfare ,well I have a surprise to you in 1967 Israel technically did not fight whether in Egypt or in Syria ; they only launched an air strike , then our regimes for unknown reasons issued the withdrawal of their troops without a single real fight whether in Golan or in Sinai. You must know something through reading in history ,the unknown history of the six days war I found out that our men , some of our men fought back breaking the orders of their unwise leadership , they fought back and some of them won their small battles where some of them lost these battles. It was not the end of the world , it was not the final battle and we should realize that.


  1. It is time for peace.

  2. Here we have an additional example of typical Moslem deluded thinking. Also, you conveniently forget that before the Six-Day War, the Arab countries vowed to drive Israel into the sea. Maybe that is selectively omitted from the history books used in Egyptian schools. And what about the so-called Israeli occupation of the West Bank? Nobody seemed to have a problem when Jordan was occupying the West Bank from 1948 to 1967. The so called "Palestinian Issue" was invented by the Arabs after the Six-Days War.

  3. It is fortunate the you Arabs have the Arab-Israeli conflict to obsess about. It helps keep your minds off the poverty, religious fanaticism, intolerance and violence so endemic to your countries. You Zeinobia are a prime example of somebody who has fallen into this trap set by your present and past governments.

  4. I studied one year of Arabic in college, so I have a rudimentary knowledge of the language. I also visited Egypt. I was shocked to discover that every bookstore into which I went seemed to have an Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israeli section, with vile depictions of Jews wearing stars of David, carrying swords dripping blood, etc. It does not surprise me, Anonymous, that Arabs have a distorted view of the history of the Six-Day War. I suggest that Arabs google the Six-Day War to get an accurate picture of the history of the war, rather than relying on whatever distorted picture one finds in Arab sources.

  5. @Anonymous,heading Peace needs power and strength , both were shaken in 1967 for most Arabs

    @anonymous#2 , first of all you must check history before talking Jordan controlled the West bank by the orders of the UN !!

    @anonymous#3,We know exactly what happened in 1967 we do not need to google it , we lost our men and land , the Arab sources I am afraid did not hide the truth this time , the truth can't be hided. Already I wonder what you want me exactly to find how the IDF honorably bombed our canal cities with Naplam killing our civilians or how they chased our offices and killed them across the desert in Sinai just like the Nazis were doing in the WWII with the Jews
    Is speaking about the war crimes of Israel in this war now a form of anti-Semitic act !!??

  6. It does not surprise me, Anonymous, that there is an abundance of Anti-Semitic literature in Egyptian bookstores. Moslems, in tune with their culture of victimhood, believe that prejudice and bias only exists against Moslems; when it is directly against Jews, Christians and all non-Moslems it is something else.

  7. To the last two anonymous , well your libraries are also full of anti-Semitic literature dear ones and hate towards all those you hate in the world.
    The Arabs and the Palestinians in specific are Semitics too
    You got books against the Chinese , the Russian , the Latin Americans in fact worst than our books
    Of course when I speak to one of the authors of these books , he will tell me that his book is 100% accurate and there is something called freedom of speech
    well the same thing we have in our countries.
    Do not throw people with glass when you live in glass homes


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