Friday, July 24, 2009

Arrest MB Jimmy Carter Too

Famous Republican and neoconservative journalist Mike Evans wrote a book called “Jimmy Carter : The liberal left and the world chaos” attacking the democrats in the United States especially Obama and Carter , you can know why when you see the American Jimmy carter and Chaos he made in the world !! and Israeli flags on the cover of the book ; you see Evans accuses Jimmy Carter of  selling  America and the Bible Land to the highest bidder which in our case the rich Arabs !!!

Evans in his book claims that President Jimmy Carter sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood group , yes the Muslim Brotherhood and he in fact funded them !!! He gave them about $500 million !! I I believe he is speaking about the war in Afghanistan but for him the Muslim brotherhood the mother of all evil groups like Taliban, Al-Qaida,Hamas..etc.

Anyhow I wonder if the Egyptian regime will consider Jimmy Carter a member in the international Muslim Brotherhood organization accordingly and thus it will issue a warrant for his arrest in cooperation with the Interpol.

Last week a group of Egyptian intellectuals ,activists and also from former ministers like Amr Mossa and Mansour Hassan have signed a petition to release Dr.Abdel Manam Abu El-Fatouh who was arrested and accused of being responsible for the international MB organization …etc !! I join them in my blog and I demand the release of Dr.Abu El-Fatouh 

Most of the accused names in this dangerous MB international vanguard organization are accused of fundraising and collecting donations to the groups just like Carter and his $600 millions !! The international branch of MB is not something new , it has been there since the 1960s and everybody knows it , they do not even hide the fact that they gather donations to keep the MB offices worldwide open so what is the big fuss !!??

Dr. Abu El-Fatouh has not hided the fact that he was a MB ever, it was well known for everyone. His work in the Physicians syndication and also the Physicians Arab union is more than pride for any Abu El-Fatouh Egyptian.He does not deserve this.

Dr. Abu El-Fatouh was an active and honest fundraiser for causes like Gaza war , Lebanon war, Bosnia and Iraq during the siege , he does not deserve that treatment especially his medical condition can’t handle new prison time !!!

I know that this is just another round between the MB and the government  and I do not understand what between those two honestly but I know that this man should not be in jail currently especially that there are others from corrupted businessmen and officials who deserve to be in his place currently.


  1. well, let me explain something to you, evil people are ganging togather who are in this case muslims and American liberals, that's why Jimmy Carter give money to muslims like MB as Evans said, i mean don't generalize americans in just conservative christians and against Islam, there is also bad Americans here who are like Carter who support Islam and people like MB.

    iam happy the government in Egypt did the right choice and picked the good people side and are chasing the MB.

    iam sure if the Egyptian government can take Carter out it will do it but alas he is a liberal and it's hard to take him out specially the media, congress and the white house are dominated by Liberals

  2. "there is also bad Americans here who are like Carter who support Islam and people like MB"

    Yeah right, an "American" who speaks broken english. COMC, get off the damn computer and go learn proper grammar. It might help you land a job as a delivery boy at McDonalds.


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