Thursday, July 30, 2009

Egyptians Against Farouk Hosni’s Nomination For the UNSECO

I found out that Al Mesryoon e-newspaper has published a petition signed by a group of Egyptians mainly from university professors against the nomination of Farouk Hosni for the UNSECO’s secretary general position. I do not like Al Mesryoon nor do I approve on many of the things they publish and promote but honestly I agree with them.

Please Read the petition :

To Whom It May Concern
We, the signatories of this memorandum, intellectuals, academics, journalists and Egyptian citizens, protest against the nomination of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Farouk Hosni, for secretary-general of the United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO). We stress that he is not worthy of this sensitive international position because of his involvement and participation, few decades ago, in repressive security practices against Egyptian students in Paris during his mission as the cultural attaché in the Egyptian embassy there in 1972 and later years. He had previously admitted that he exercised espionage activities against Egyptian students opposed to the former Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat, and wrote surveillance reports on their activities in favor of the Egyptian security apparatus which, in turn, exposed the students’ lives and academic career to grave threats. Mr. Hosni has boasted and misrepresented, in public, these acts as a patriotic service; nevertheless, he admitted that only after it was revealed by Dr. Yahya el-Gamal, ex-minister, professor of International Law, and former cultural attaché in Paris, in his diaries titled “Ordinary Life Story.” It was then when Mr. Hosni went to the weekly magazine El Mussawar , that published El-Gamal’s diaries, and admitted in a lengthy interview his spying and reporting practices.
It is needless to emphasize that this character with such dreadful history is not fit for such great position that requires high levels of morality and integrity, as well as unrelenting support for human dignity and ethical transparency. This position should, in no way, be occupied by an accomplice of despotic dictators’ persecution against their opposition. For those who can never be trusted with their own nation’s interest, freedom and culture shall never be trusted with the World’s education and culture.
As we hereby assert our urgent opposition and protest against the nomination of Mr. Farouk Hosni for the UNESCO secretary-general, we hope that the international community shall be successful in electing a candidate of high integrity, true morality, and great reputation so as to lead the UNESCO in the coming era.
Sincerely yours

It is true and more than that he is currently a member in repressive financial and moral corrupted regime.

By the way the petition in English got one mistake, Hosni has a PhD


  1. I wish we were all protesting whenever one of those "reports" writers was promoted to a post he/she didnt deserve except for their ratting out skills. The ratting out and get rewarded system was enshrined during Naser's time. It didnt only mean u need to be careful around ur colleagues and classmates, it also meant u need to be careful around members of ur own family. My grand father and another relative were taken into questioning bec the relative the night before made a naser joke in a family gathering and well my grandfather laughed so hard.
    Today, u can still see them and funny enough they are usually known to the rest. You can especially find them in the uni among the teaching staff, the mowazafeen and even a very famous shoe-cleaner and the sad thing is that they always get rewarded and they do get into high positions w/o merits mostly

  2. @anonymous, I totally agree up till now the same sick Nasserite heritage is kept ,the big brother trust nobody even your brother
    My grandfather was a journalist during that era and was scared that the house would have bugs inside it , my aunt's friend was afraid to tell her a Nasser joke in a loud voice while they were kids as her father was an officer who could get arrested
    Hopefully this won't continue too soon


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