Thursday, July 30, 2009

Egypt In Iraq

Via Media Matters.Org
This is from the July 27 edition of Fox News' " The live Desk" .

Do you see the country between Syria and Iran ?? It is supposedly Iraq , well for Fox News it is Egypt !!?? What kind of editors and technicians they hire in Fox News who do not know geography basics !!??
This reminds me with the Transformers 2 when our Pyramids were two blocks away from the Petra !!
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  1. And Gaza is part of Israel...

  2. Does that mean we all have to move to Baghdad now? I want a view on the Euphrates.. ehhh... the Nile!!!

  3. what do you expect from fox news? and the majority of people watching fox won´t note...

  4. Iraq's prime minister has appealed for other countries to write off its debts. motor trade jobs

  5. Fox News tooo busy whining about Obama to pay attention to other things


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