Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is Never Too Late to Look How the 6th October bridge Was Empty During the Obama’s Visit

Seriously it is never too late , already this is from the rarest moments where this bridge is empty like that.

These photos were taken from one of the building which is overlooking 6th October bridge at Nile street in Al Agouza ,Giza before Obama’s convey and during the Obama’s convoy passing by. Obama was on his way to Al Jazeera club in Zamalak island to change his clothes and take his helicopter to the pyramids.

By the way the monthly Egyptian A-Class Lifestyle magazines which mostly are published in English language are more than crazy for Obama in a way that I have not seen it , may be because I find it a little absurd for magazines that do not even reach to the level of Vanity fair nor Vogue either to speak about Obama’s speech politically !! I swear if they speak about how elegant or sporty he was it would be better.

Strangely enough Michelle Obama do not wear from the expensive brands they show in these magazines ……..!!


  1. convoy not convey

  2. Eshi Khayaal ya Nass :)
    Is it Cairo in Second Life? :p


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