Friday, July 24, 2009

Our President’s Health Worries Israel Too !!

President Mubarak from 2 days ago has visited Paris officially to attend that Union for Mediterranean meeting, it was unique visit because it is official visit No. 500 or something for President Mubarak to France since 1981. Mubarak has visited France more than any country , it is not about 610x falling love with France because there are other rumors concerning these too frequent visits ; rumors say that Mubarak goes too often there to have check ups and surgeries in the military French hospital or whatever its name is.

Already when they announced that Mubarak was going to visit France and meet with Sarkozy in this short time after the G8 meetings I thought that he was going to have a Check up in that hospital especially it would be the first visit after the death of Mohamed Mubarak JR. “It became a fact in Egypt that Mubarak fell ill after the terrible news and stayed at Al-Gala hospital in Cairo”

It seems that I was not the only in the Middle East who thinks in that way because also Israeli DEBKA thinks or to be accurate is sure that he is visiting France in to undergo a serious surgery for some one in his age !!’He seems fine to me in the picture taken in the picture taken two days ago’

This exclusive news from DEBKA is causing a stir in Israeli news websites and its bloggers because in the end Israel cares for Mubarak and fears that the MB would take over the rule ‘ I do not know how !! Strangely that this website considered Omar Soliman was the likely successor of Mubarak and did not mention Gamal Mubarak’

Well the Israelis have to think and care about the future of Egypt but choosing our President for real is not only based on what they want for their country in the first place , it is based on what Egypt needs and what the Egyptians want generally speaking.


  1. Is this reductio-ad-israelum? ("everything israel does, must be bad"). Israel would be concerned about regional stability, and so should anyone else, owing a possible regime change of a very autocratic and centristic leader. this should not affect egyptians at all, to either of ways.


    we don't hate you as much as you think we do, or as much as you hate us. egypt is relatively doing well compared to many of its neighbours, and i think it's a good thing. poverty and despair breeds ignorance and violence.

  2. wish you to be well Mr. President not cuz i love you sir but for the sake of stability in Egypt.

  3. Israel is worried about our president's health any we seem very sleepy and passive. I wonder where are the activists???? why don't we call of early elections to choose our president.
    I think that the scenario that will happen for the Egyptians, is that, all the people around Gamal Mubarak will make the presidency go to him because it is for there own benefits, and the Egyptians will go to hell. He will get 99.99% votes for the coming presidency for sure.


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