Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Need More Water by 2017

Please read this report by Reuters

Cheerful ,is not it !!??

Now it is not a matter of population only but mainly the misallocation of water resources in the first place ; millions of water cubic meters are wasted annually where as there are thousands of Egyptian villages lack water , what does implies !!?? Poor Planning

Yes in the land of the Nile I will say it again that there are thousands of places in Egypt with lack to water access not to mention clean water access !!

Is not it coincidence that this report is published internationally and again we are in Egypt in North Delta and grand Cairo region currently in the summer suffering from water shortage as usual because all the water sources in Nile Delta and Capital are allocated to the North Coast resorts !!!

Is not it coincidence that this report is published internationally and we in Egypt have those construction companies building all those golf courts wasting  millions of cubic of water monthly not to mention the land we have wasted in nonsense which could be used for something that really benefit the country like reclamation providing food for the Egyptian people or like affordable housing projects !! Already I just want to know the percentage of the real Egyptians who play golf , I believe less than 1% !!

I do not think that it is coincidence at all , I think it is a warning and please do not tell me it is because your population is increasing every year , family planning will not save us as you think ,it is the real sound planning for the sake of the country and its people not for the sake of the rotten regime.

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  1. Golf is my pet hate - and in countries such as Morocco or Egypt, the golf-mania is criminal. One or two golf courses would be barely acceptable - just so that foreign ambassadors will keep accepting postings - but the craze about golf is insane. Of course, however, 80/90% of water is consumed by agriculture, so banning golf won't solve the problem...


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