Monday, August 31, 2009

On the 10th Of Ramadan

As today is the 10th of Ramadan which from 36 years ago was the 6th of October 1973 I would like to share with you this important documentary from Discovery channel about Youm Kippur war 1973.

BY the way there are several important details in this war from our side were not included in the documentary like for instance the role of the Egyptian drivers to block the napalm channels on the Eastern side of Suez Canal on late 5th of October 1973. The fantastic role of the Egyptian commandos in Sinai on the 5th of October is usually ignored I do not know why.

on this day I would like to mourn an Egyptian journalist and writer who passed four days ago and we did not know except yesterday in Egypt : Mr. Mahmoud Awad who was not only a close friend faithful  friend to Abdel Halim Hafiz who did not betray his friendship with him and spoke about his sexual life on public but he was also one of the best experts on the Israeli issues during the 1960s and 1970s.This man really was among our analysts during this critical , very critical time. May Allah bless his soul.


In the end I would like to share this song , famous 1973 song by Mohamed Noah “Maddad Maddad”


  1. God bless the souls of those who gave all without asking for anything. Where is that spirit today? Im of the 1980's generation, didnt witness the war, heard a lot from parents, searched for more and more on the internet and still feel I dnt know them. I also wonder will my kids know them? will they be able to serve when the time so calls?

  2. Discovery channel and the BBC are two very different channels from different continents! The BBC is one of the most anti-Israeli European TVs - most of its redactors have also moved to English Al-Jazeera.

    And btw my father was testing that AT-3 Saggers used by Egypt and so glorified in the document. Damn I wish Russians had never occupied us and we could supply Israel as we did in 48 :P

  3. السلام عليكم

    كل سنة وانت بخير
    وكل سنة وجميع أحبابك بخير وصحة وسعادة
    وكل سنة وكل المسلمين علي شريعة الله وسنة الحبيب المصطفي رضي الله عنه وأرضاه

    وان شاء الله نستفيد من رمضان بكل السبل
    ونخرج منه أفضل مما ولجنا به
    يا رب أعنا علي القيام والصيام والصلاة
    ووفقنا لما فيه الخير للجميع يا رحيم يا كريم

    وارزقنا العفاف والرضا - والمحبة واهدينا يا عظيم

    وأعنا علي القيام والصيام والصلاة والارتقاءالي جنة الفردوس

    واجعلها لنا ميراث خير وسعادة

    واجعلنا من عتقاءك في هذا الشهر يا معطي يا وهاب

    وارزقنا حلاوة القرآن و حسن تلاوته
    وتدبر معانيه وفهمها علي النحو الصحيح
    ورطب ألسنتنا بذكرك يا الله

    عايز أقول اننا في أيام مباركة ويجب استثمارها في الخير والتقرب من الله

  4. what a beautiful song! never heard before. thank´s for the tip.

    I live in egypt too sometimes. In the future i might do fulltime. I live in sweden mostly now.

    Ramadan kareem sister :)

  5. The Ramadan war was a magnificent achievement by the Egyptian army commandos and I applauded their courage at the time.I also mourned the deaths of more than 18,000 Egyptians during that brief struggle.
    President Sadat accomplished very much with the amazing surprise attack that was kept secret for almost 3 years as it was being prepared. It was a necessary game changer and I hoped for the best outcome for Egypt and Israel. The Israelis wanted peace and President Sadat went to Israel to make peace.The Canal was reopened and the Sinai was returned to Egypt.Egypt was making great strides and then extremists had him assassinated him and Egypt stepped back once again. Extremism and terrorism are not the answer but it will continue in this negative fashion until the educated thinking people realize that religion and a theocracy will not provide the freedom necessary to develop a country's full potential.Inshallah I will live to see the day.

    The first anonymous raised an interesting question and it plays into what I wrote above.The question is..... Will you the educated elite be ready to fight for peace and freedom when the call comes? I can only hope.The Iranians are trying desperately and if they persist it will happen. Egypt is far better off but changes are needed and they will come if you work together and eschew terrorism. Israel is not your enemy-extremism is!


  6. John isnt it great that you wish your country couldve supplied weapons to support more and more aggression by a group of crocks who decided to use their Jewish faith and a human tragedy that we in the Middle East were not responsible for, to steal the land of others and bring destruction into a region that through history managed to be home for ppl following the 3 religions living together?!
    Just wondering, what brings you by this blog?

  7. Also, John the BBC used to be more "fair" in comparison to the completely biased American news networks but I take it you havent heard of the recent decision by BBC execs for the first time in the channels history to ban a call for aid because it was a call for aiding Gaza. I take it you havent read how many respectful figures in the British community condoned the BBC's inhumane decision and its clear siding with Israel to the extent of denying ppl the chance to donate for a human crisis like the one in Gaza.

  8. Anonymous: Sorry we did not sponsor an aggressor, Egypt had attacked them. (and yes my grandfather was creating the first IAF fleet, and he was not a Jew, American or British so what?) Egypt attacked also in 73 - the difference for me, my family and country is that the Jews at least paid, Egypt using Russians just exploited and lost the war, seems it is not in weapons heh

    Sorry the history has not managed anything, Muslims conquered the land using force, get over it.

  9. Egypt had attacked them to get back a land they occupied, so, who is an aggressor? and if you are referring to 1948, Egypt tried to help its neighbors, isnt that what Britain did with the French when they were occupied by the Nazis?!! So, why is it ok for the Europeans but not ok for established MENA countries to reject the falsification of a Jewish nation on the ruins of a Palestinian one? and why is it an unexpected reaction for nations who had citizens of 3 religions living together to have immigrants claiming to follow one religion coming in to steal a homeland?!!
    Are you serious? of course we all know that there are many non-Jewish who helped building the false country of Israel. Do you think we dnt know about the pay one dollar kill an arab ads in the US?! Do you think such support ended? The bottom line is that no person regardless of his religious believes would see the injustice this whole issue has brought and will support such an unfair man-made country.
    Who paid who? Egypt exploited Russia? Havent you heard bout the huge feud Egypt had with Russians right before the War?!! do you think Egypt got the weapons for free? No favors, no money, nothing at all given in return? You are so naive bec thats not how foreign relations work. Who lost what? We got Sinai back period, we gave israel an official peacy treaty that would never transform to normal relations among the citizens until the Palestinian issue is resolved. So, its more like a truce nothing more.
    I dnt understand the "sorry the history has not managed anything"
    Muslims conquered because otherwise they wouldve been conquered and whipped out. They conquered to spread God's words and norms and to bring justice. Go read about the sophisticated rules of War Muslims had first and then come and talk about "force". Go and check how they transformed the countries they conquered into centers of knowledge and equality where you dnt have to be a Muslim to be a citizen with full and equal rights. Go and search for how many areas converted w/o even Muslim army getting there but through the muslim traders who reflected amazing behavior and attracted others to the religion. If you dnt believe me search how Malaysia converted. Muslims made of Spain a unified land and a center for scientific achievement and the best place to live at the time. They protected minorities so that until our day and time MENA is home to many other religions.
    Your language isnt only bad bad your rational is faulty and your ignorance is appalling.
    I asked you, why do you come to this blog spot? what are you looking to achieve? if you are sad your ancestor didnt get the chance to help in killing innocent ppl, robbing their homes, farms and lives then you know we say you end up with the ones you admire and you can not be a fair person if thats how you see life.

  10. "Egypt exploited Russia?" Read again what I wrote, before you react.

    "They conquered to spread God's words and norms and to bring justice."
    How easy can became aggression justice hmm.

    "They protected minorities" During the "Golden Age" Muslim massacred in two days in Spain more Jews than inquisition in 300 years.

    And it was also Muslims who destroyed both the Church of the Holy Sepulchre(for Christians it had same importance as Kaaba) and Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem - Who destroyed Al-Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock??

    Ok no need to react on another your points.

  11. John, take your Zionist KKK crap elsewhere please. Thanks.

  12. Is that why when the muslim ruling of spain completely fell, Jews in spain fled to the middle east and got to live there?
    How many incidents of destruction of holy places of non-Muslims do you have in history about Muslims? Incidents do not equal rule. Compare that to incidents committed through out history against muslims and even among themselves by jews and christians. Also, reality of things refute the line of claims of ppl like yourself, if non-Muslims where abused as a matter of policy by Muslims there wouldve never been jews and christians in the middle east of today. It took Europe thousands of years to accept the "other" something that already existed and preserved mainly thanks to the Muslims.
    Well, facts remain, they built a vast empire that was home for followers of many religions and they had technological and scientific lead. That can only happen if there is a general line of fairness and equal citizenship.
    I still dnt understand your russia point.
    Again terrible English and ignorance of the history of MENA and Muslims. I suggest you search of you tube for a BBC documentary about Islam in Europe first and then come and argue about how bad muslims were and how committed massacres.
    Also, even if others committed massacres does that give those who claim to be their ancestors they right to create hell and do even worse stuff to others? NO. Even according to Jewish faith, Israel should not exist. Killing innocent ppl and aggression is a great sin.
    And again you didnt answer the question what brings you here? other than to spread your obvious hate towards us.

  13. Anonymous don't make me laugh. The Arabs are the biggest occupiers and colonialists in history. Here's a partial list of lands stolen by Arabs from their indigenous inhabitants:
    N Sudan from the Africans
    NW Africa from the Berbers
    Egypt from the Copts
    "Palestine" (The Land of Israel actually) from the Jews
    Lebanon from the Maronites
    Syria from the Assyrians
    Iraq from the Chaldeans and Mandeans
    And the list goes on...

    And by the way, you did not win the 1973 war no matter how hard you try to convince yourselves. The fact is that the Israelis were closer to Cairo and Damascus than they were in the 1967 war. Only Soviet and US intervention saved those cities from falling into Israeli hands. :)

  14. Zenobia (btw this name is associated with Syria, not Egypt-surely there are no shortage of Egyptian queen names), you like most other Arabs live in a fantasy world where you(Arabs/Muslims) are brave and others coward, you are smart and the others stupid and barbarian,you are noble and generous,the others stingy and backstabbing.
    One prime example is this pathetic insistence that 1973 was a victory for Arabs.Ok first things first Israel certainly does not consider 1973 to be a feather in its cap and certainly not a victory ala 1967. Egyptians were vastly underestimated by the Israelis and they executed a move similar to one of Israel in 1967,so Israel cant(and doesnt) really complain on that regard.
    In fact Golda Meir was aware of Egyptian troop movements but chose not to act in order to not to annoy her American patron.You see, being an ally of U.S was a benefit and a hindrance as well for Israel. The Egyptians zipped through Sinai but didnt really have a clear thought out goal for what they wanted to achieve besides that.Very soon with logistical and material help from U.S ( yes Israel admits to this) Israel reconquered Sinai and Mr Sharon was within firing distance of Cairo.
    Madam ,by what standards of war is this considered a victory.
    Now please dont whine that Israel was helped by U.S ,once again true but an awkward inconvenient fact left out by Arab propagandists like yourself that is Egypt was practically a satellite state of the Soviets and got a good deal of weaponry and funding from them.
    Once again please note that Israel doesnt even consider their advantageous position towards the end of the war something to brag about but reflect on the sobering aspect of their defenses being overrun in the first place.
    Compare this to the unrestrained jubilation ,gloating and legacy of the 1973 in Egypt and the Arab world. You have streets, avenues,building and heck even cities named after the date!

    Now you tell me ,which country has analyzed this war in a sober,judicious,rational and analytical manner and which has not?
    And therefore who has learnt the proper lessons?And who will be better prepared the next time?

    But then I forget I am addressing an Arab....All I can say is best of luck against Israel-boy will you need it!


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