Monday, August 31, 2009

Save UNESCO From Farouk Hosni

Because he is not the best candidate to head this international cultural organization and because he has been a member in corrupted regime for more than 20 years the UNESCO should be saved from Farouk Hosni.
There are other reasons that stand between Hosni and the UNESCO more than those two I mentioned for sure.
Again as an Egyptian I refuse this candidacy which I believe is an insult to Egypt before the UNESCO


  1. Thank you for helping us fighting against him... More to come on our site


  2. Do you mean "because he is the best candidate" or "because he is NOT the best candidate"? I think Ivonne Baki, Irina Bokova, Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Ina Marciulionyte are all interesting candidates for the post, each with her own strengths.

  3. @John Daly, I mean he is not the best candidate , if it were to me , I would present him to court for corruption.
    Any candidate will better than him


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