Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where Is That Audio Evidence ??

Farouk Kaddoumi promised after his big accusation to both Abu Mazan and Dahlan of killing Arafat in association with Israel and CIA that he will bring even bigger evidence on what he said : He will bring an audio tape for late Arafat accusing both men of plotting his assassination.

Kaddoumi promised this last month on the 22nd of July and now we are in August and we have not heard anything yet !! Where is that audio tape ?? And how can we make sure that it is authentic for real ??

By the way Kaddoumi justified his silence all that time saying that he was afraid from G.W Bush and that he elected Abu Mazan because everybody does !!??

Today there is too much speculation about the Fatah’s conference ,which is the first from 20 years ago. One thing for sure Fatah did not have all those obstacles and challenges facing it from inside and outside from 20 years ago. The Kaddoumi charges against Abu Mazan and Dahlan are from the main challenges , Kaddoumi is from the old guard accusing another old guard by treason ; if this is not a challenge I do not know what else could break Fatah in to parts.

There are rumors saying that Kaddoumi will drop the charges against Abu Mazan and Dahlan if Abu Mazan fires Dahlan from his position and gets rid of him ; Kaddoumi is insisting on accusing Dahlan. Many people , too many people do not like Dahlan and believe that Abu Mazan should get rid of him if he wants to save Fatah.

Another challenge facing Fatah in the 21st century is that it does not have a real new guard leadership , the new leaderships are mostly from the corrupted Palestinian authority raised by Dahlan and co. !! The only real new guard leadership “if he could be named new guard” is Marwan Barghouti who is currently in jail with no hope to get out of it any sooner.

We will see what is going to happen insh Allah.

By the way it seems that the majority of those who have participated in the poll last month believe that Abu Mazan and Dahlan had done it , what do you think now ??

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